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The Nouveau Riche: Nathan Gray

The Nouveau Riche: Nathan Gray

Bin Thomas

Update: 2022-08-03

Chapter 1

  • It is Monday morning in June.
  • Nathan has lived with his grandfather since he was a kid. He never knew his parents. He would always ask his grandfather about them, however, the only reason his grandfather always tells him is that his parents abandoned him.
  • It always makes him sad when he hears the word "abandoned" since Nathan is the type of person that always cared for the people he loves the most, like his grandfather.
  • Nathan grew up in an isolated area of ​​​​Manhattan, New York. The walls of their house are made of narrow plank and it is already shattered. Their house contains only a bathroom with a toilet. When they were finished with the day they just sleep on the floor and used a rusty mattress. Every dusk they were just using a candle to support them as light. Their clothing is old and torn apart and you can detect a-holes in them.
  • Nathan was poor and their life is miserable, but that's how life works, and the only wish that Nathan has is to stay with his grandfather's side until he gets old.
  • "Good morning grandpa George!" Nathan kissed his grandfather on his forehead and served him a cup of coffee.
  • "Ready for college?" George asked.
  • "Of course,"Nathan said with a smile on his face.
  • Today is Nathan's Freshman Year at Manhattan University.
  • He always felt that he couldn't go to college anymore since they were just poor and they didn't have enough money to pay for college tuition.
  • He was so sad after he graduated from secondary school. When George saw the sadness on his face since he knew that Nathan was always determined to finish his studies, He found a way for his education.
  • Every morning grandpa George worked at the bakery shop as a baker and every night he worked part-time as a tourist guide since there were many travelers here in New York, especially in the summer season.
  • Nathan and his grandfather. He also works part-time as a waiter in a small diner near their house. In that way, he can help his grandfather gather enough money for his education.
  • "Thank you grandpa for everything that you did for me. The sacrifices, your hard work, and your dedication. Without your help, I don't know what will happen to me and my future" Nathan said with teary eyes in front of George.
  • "Of course, I'll do that for you. You're my grandson after all" George said while caressing his head lightly.
  • George has always cared for Nathan since he was a child. He would always favor him and give him everything he wished for. Though, Nathan is not the type of person that is used to being spoiled. He is a down-to-earth person , and he would always be thankful for everything that he had.
  • "Now, Take a bath and be ready for your first day in college," George said while shoving his hand at him.
  • "Okay, grandpa enjoy your coffee!" Nathan said while walking through the bathroom.
  • He's a little bit nervous for today because he has been constantly bullied at school since he was a kid, but he never says anything to George about it since he's already used to this kind of situation.
  • ***
  • Nathan walked out of the bathroom and change his clothes to a student uniform after that he brushed his teeth and put his shoes on.
  • He looked into the mirror and admired his image. Nathan was a gorgeous young man. Brown wavy-haired guy with a perfect shape of the eyebrow, and hazel-green-colored eye. 
  • People always think that he has fair skin like what women usually had, added by reddish, thin, and sweet lips. A lot of girls in the neighborhood like him and they tried to pursue him. However, when everyone realizes that he's poor. They stop seeing him. As if they vanished into thin air.
  • "Grandpa I'm leaving!" Nathan said to George.
  • "Okay, take care," Grandpa George said while waving his hand at him.
  • Nathan walked out of the house to take a bus to Manhattan University.
  • ***
  • "I'm leaving here," Grandpa George said to someone on the phone.
  • "Okay, Dad! I will look for the butler to get the Private Plane ready for you" Nathan's mother said on the phone.
  • I'm sorry to do this my grandson but grandpa needs to leave to take care of some matters with your parents for your future.
  • He packed all his things but he left a strange pendant with the letter G engraved on it and also a message and money for Nathan.
  • ***
  • Manhattan University 
  • Nathan arrived in front of Manhattan University. He's so thrilled today since it's his first day in college.
  • "Manhattan University here I come," Nathan strolled towards the gate of the school with a smile on his face.