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Chapter 7 Outdoor Servants Room

  • I was disturbed and felt a cold running through my body, and I remained silent out of fear. I think that she will punish me harshly, and then she will expel me from the palace, and my fate will be to be homeless! I have to ask her to forgive me. I looked at the respected lady Catherine, she didn't look angry but she was looking at me sharply and sternly.
  • Jiss: Forgive me please , ma'am, I will never do it again! I am so sorry, please forgive me..
  • Lady Catherine: You broke the law and did not listen to my words! I will forgive you this time because you apologized to me politely, you have to abide by the laws, although I forgave you but you will be punished a small punishment, follow me.
  • I walked with the honorable Lady Catherine until we came to the garden.
  • The garden of the palace is very beautiful, full of all kinds of flowers, because the head butler Billy takes care of it. In this garden there is a place designated to sit and enjoy all the natural scenery, but it is connected to the forest..
  • how? Aren't they afraid of wolves and predators entering the garden?
  • It was already seven o'clock in the evening and I could not see the sunset today..
  • The respected lady Catherine told me that Mr. Billy the head butler has not cleaned the garden for 3 days, and my mission today is to clean the garden and collect the fallen leaves, but since the garden is very large, I will sleep in the outside maids room just for this day, as no one uses it, so it's okay for me.. The important thing is not to break the rules and walk around the palace after nine o'clock.
  • Lady Catherine: So far I notice that you are a diligent girl and keen to do your work as it should, Miss Jiss do not break the rules again, and from now on you will prepare apple pie when I crave it, it is wonderful!
  • She said that with a nice smile and then left after I nodded positively and bowed out of respect and smiled in turn.
  • I started cleaning quickly, I don't want it to get dark while I'm outside and in front of the forest, I swept the whole garden and collected tree leaves and cleaned the place well, in fact it was tiring because the leaves of trees fly because of the wind and this hinders my work. It's dark now, I entered the servants' room and it was dark, but very dark! I hear a meow and then I see the cat Tan, it's the cat of the two cute kids Ron and Hera and they love it very much. Tan ran out of the room and hurried towards the garden, I followed her to catch her so she wouldn't stay out, if a predator eat it, the children will become so sad.
  • I ran after the cat until I was inside the forest, and although I didn't go far, I got scared and had a bad feeling. Suddenly I found the cat running to me, isn't that good? It came on its own and I'm coming out of the woods now! I do not think that the cat is obedient to this degree. Suddenly I found myself surrounded by 5 wolves that have golden eyes and some have blue eyes.. I started running and trying to get out, but they were very fast. I began to back away while holding the frightened cat on my lap until my back hit a tree and I became completely trapped and there was no escape for me.
  • A big gray wolf with red eyes jumped between them and me and growled, this must be the wolf I saw yesterday, I don't know why I feel safe. The wolves approached him, but he bit one of them and threw him dead! All the wolves attacked him, and one of them bit him in his hand with force, but he growled and his eyes became more red. He defeated all the wolves, then howled. He turned around and kept looking at me as if he was looking for fear in my eyes. I was afraid, but I did not show it. The cat jumped out My hand and began to go towards the outer servants' room. I got up from the floor and shook off my clothes, I approached the gray wolf and thanked him with fear inside , then I put my hand on his head lightly and left my run. I'm stupid right?
  • I entered the outside maids' room, I went to my bed, and fell from fear and fatigue.
  • I heard the sound of footsteps, so I got up and looked out of the door, the upper half of it was glass and it was easy to see through it. The young gentleman was coming out of the forest, wearing black pants, a light white shirt open from the chest, locks of his hair hanging over his eyes, holding his right hand firmly and it seemed that he's angry. He opened the garden door, entered the house, and closed the door. What's he doing in the forest? He is angry..
  • I went to bed and picked up a book that I had found thrown in the garden when I was sweeping it; "I fell in love with Alpha" ..
  • I opened the book and was wondering what the word "Alpha" means.
  • After I read the first 4 pages, I knew that Alpha means the werewolf man and the leader in his flock. I continued reading and learned that the novel tells about a handsome man and a beautiful girl who fall in love with each other, but the girl got scared of him and ran away after knowing that he was a werewolf, and after that Regret and go back to live with him and renew their love! Wow, that's romantic! I didn't think there were stories like this. Does a werewolf really fall in love? Is the werewolf I've seen before real? Jiss, you better sleep, you started hallucinating.
  • I slipped the novel out of my hand and turned off the light, but I can't sleep, it's still ten o'clock, time is running slow. I got up from my place and lit a small lamp above the table, then I began to see what was in the room.
  • There was a large closet full of closed drawers and a closed door leading to another room! In any case, I think that this room was initially reserved for maids, but then it became closed and only some items were placed in it.
  • The first thing I found was a family photo showing a beautiful young girl and in front of her a handsome young man with a small and cute child in the middle, and two little girls standing on either side, but they look a little older. from their brother. It looks like the young master Kai's family. I turned the painting over to see its back and in what year the picture was taken, but what I found was so strange and almost impossible, "1885"!