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Chapter 2 I Got Sick

  • I woke up this morning with every inch of my body aching, I caught a cold! I feel like I might fall at any moment while working. I got dressed and tried to look energetic despite the obvious tiredness on my face, the head butler Sophy looking at me suspiciously, approached me and asked me. "Why is your face so pale? You have a really high temperature! It must be a cold.. Go rest a bit. When you feel better, come down to clean up. Come on." The head butler said this and kept looking at me. Ah, I can't believe! Did the head butler just tell me to rest? She's not kidding right? I'll go quickly before she changes her mind.
  • My vision is blurry, my temperature is very high, I feel the weight of my body, I am sweating to the maximum degree and my breathing is heavy, I feel like I'm going to fall.. I got to my room and fell on my bed, succumbed to fatigue and sleep..
  • I found myself lying on damp ground, a moment! Is this soil? I'm in the woods! How did I get in the forest? I stood with difficulty and clung to a tree in front of me because my body was very weak. I kept walking slowly until I had covered a long distance. I do not deny that I feel fear. I saw a person from afar, I gathered my strength and ran towards him, when I approached him, I saw a black silhouette with red eyes! I looked deep into his eyes and felt a deep sadness inside him. I got a little closer to him, he howled so I became scared and asked him, "Who are you?"
  • He approached me slowly and an aura of terror spread through my body. I wanted to escape, but I could not. I felt as if my feet were stuck in the ground. I tried with all my might to escape until he came closer to me! Suddenly I woke up inside my room sweating, I found Sophy's butler, Billy's butler, and another man who seemed to be the doctor, he got up to the door and spoke to Sophy's butler and then left.
  • "Ma'am, what's going on?" I asked her to know what happened to me. "You used to have a fever. You're fine now. It's 4 pm now. You slept all day! And you had such a high fever that I had to stay with you all day! If you feel okay, go down to clean the third floor and don't go into any room and Otherwise, you will be severely punished! Try to finish in two hours, okay?"
  • Did she just say third floor? Oh my god I feel so energetic all of a sudden (lol) If I'm lucky I'll meet Young Master Kai!
  • "Yeah sure I will do it !"
  • I answered her in the usual tone and got up from my place to change my clothes for work.
  • I went excitedly to clean the third floor, and in my heart I wished to see my young master Kai. I started polishing the glass, then I wiped the furniture and doors from dust, I felt that someone was watching me and I thought she was the head butler Sophy . So I kept working hard, even though I felt that I was still sick, I cleaned the carpets and arranged everything, then I turned around to find a tall person leaning against one of the doors, wearing black pants and a white shirt with buttons open from the chest and bringing his hands to his chest, which makes his muscles prominent While tufts of his hair fell over his eyes.. It's my young master Kai!! Oh my God why is he looking at me like that? He's been standing for a long time looking at me! Am I still feverish and I see just a dream now, I moved my eyes away and carried the cleaning tools, then I bowed a little to express my respect to him and my cheeks felt like they would explode out of shame, then I quickly climbed the stairs to my room..
  • My heart was beating so hard, his looks were cold as usual, but they were different.. There was something else in his looks.
  • I took a shower in the maids' private bathroom, then put on my pajamas and went to my place. I remembered what happened to me yesterday, so I couldn't look out the window. I'm going to read a book! I went to the library, where I have not touched any book since I came, although I love reading, perhaps because of the lack of time. It is here; "The Legendary City of Fog", "The Saga of the Peach Kingdom", "The Invisible Detective", "The Giant Prince", "The Mystery of the Lost Riddle"... I read them all! There is another book. "The Werewolf"!
  • This book seems mysterious, its cover is dark black, there is a title and a picture of a wolf in front of the moon, even the name of the author is not found! The book looks good. Written on the back "Written 1765"! What is this? So strange, maybe a typo.
  • I opened the first page and started reading the following: "This book is an encyclopedia about the life of the Alpha, and every question that may arise in your mind will find its answer only here!" . Is there a novel with an introduction like this? The writer said it's an encyclopedia! Does he really know what he's writing? Oh my God, what's my story with werewolves lately! I'm not hungry so I'm going to sleep now.
  • I slept soundly and in the morning I woke up active like a bee as usual! I must be completely healed now, I went downstairs and said hello to the butler Sophy, I always respect her so much. She's so much older than me anyway! But she was worried and angry, it seems that the maids Jennie and Wendy broke the rules of the house! They only worked here a month ago in the kitchen, and now they're breaking the rules? What did they do? And what is their punishment? I am very curious now.
  • "What's going on, madam?" I asked her with great confusion because I am afraid that she will be angry with me as well, but she answered me with anger and sadness
  • They were in the kitchen at 11 o'clock at night! Note that they had to sleep two hours before that, after the respected lady Catherine saw them, she got very angry and called for me, now they will be punished.. Today is a holiday for all the maids except them, they have to finish all the work and prepare all the meals today or….” The butler was silent for a moment. "Or what?" she asked. "They'll just be expelled," she replied after thinking. Sophy the butler moved away while I went back to my room so as not to make any mistakes, I was just waiting for lunch time .. In fact, I felt anxious and pity for the two girls, so I decided to go and help them. The punishment is expulsion and I do not want them to expel me, and perhaps if I help the two girls; they will not get kicked out and I'm going to be their friend!
  • I got excited about the idea and crept into the kitchen. I found the two girls crying and running from here to there. "You the two clean up as fast as you can, then come back to make dinner, and I'll clean up the third floor, and then I'll quickly go to my room! The Honorable Lady Catherine and her daughter Elin and her grandchildren Ron and Hera will be out all afternoon and into the evening. And I think the young gentleman will also go today To the company or the hotel… Also I don't think the head butler will be so angry, so, what do you think?"
  • The two agreed and ran to the first floor and started cleaning it, while I had to prepare 6 different dishes. I got excited about cooking. I always wanted to own a restaurant of my own, so it's okay to feel like a chef today or something like that. With a big smile on my face I put on my apron and started working as fast as I could! I prepared 5 dishes out of six in half the allotted time.
  • I felt a movement behind me and I thought it was the two girls, I turned my head and it was young master KAI! Of course, because all the servants are on vacation - even Madam Sophy
  • He exposed me! Will he tell his mother about this? He just looks at me cold and weird!!