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Chapter 5

  • No signature, no address, no date.
  • Well, here was a coil to be in! You are posted on what had preceded al_his, but I was not. It was just a deep, dark puzzle to me. I hadn't the leas_dea what the game was, nor whether harm was meant me or a kindness. I wen_nto a park, and sat down to try to think it out, and to consider what I ha_est do.
  • At the end of an hour my reasonings had crystallized into this verdict.
  • Maybe those men mean me well, maybe they mean me ill; no way to decid_hat - let it go. They've got a game, or a scheme, or an experiment, of som_ind on hand; no way to determine what it is - let it go. There's a bet on me;
  • no way to find out what it is - let it go. That disposes of the indeterminabl_uantities; the remainder of the matter is tangible, solid, and may be classe_nd labeled with certainty. If I ask the Bank of England to place this bill t_he credit of the man it belongs to, they'll do it, for they know him,
  • although I don't; but they will ask me how I came in possession of it, and i_ tell the truth, they'll put me in the asylum, naturally, and a lie will lan_e in jail. The same result would follow if I tried to bank the bill anywher_r to borrow money on it. I have got to carry this immense burden around unti_hose men come back, whether I want to or not. It is useless to me, as useles_s a handful of ashes, and yet I must take care of it, and watch over it,
  • while I beg my living. I couldn't give it away, if I should try, for neithe_onest citizen nor highwayman would accept it or meddle with it for anything.
  • Those brothers are safe. Even if I lose their bill, or burn it, they are stil_afe, because they can stop payment, and the Bank will make them whole; bu_eantime I've got to do a month's suffering without wages or profit - unless _elp win that bet, whatever it may be, and get that situation that I a_romised. I should like to get that; men of their sort have situations i_heir gift that are worth having.