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Chapter 18

  • "Let me finish, Lloyd. I will save you, but not in that way; for that woul_ot be fair to you, after your hard work, and the risks you've run. I don'_eed to buy mines; I can keep my capital moving, in a commercial center lik_ondon, without that; it's what I'm at, all the time; but here is what I'l_o. I know all about that mine, of course; I know its immense value, and ca_wear to it if anybody wishes it. You shall sell out inside of the fortnigh_or three millions cash, using my name freely, and we'll divide, share an_hare alike."
  • Do you know, he would have danced the furniture to kindling-wood in hi_nsane joy, and broken everything on the place, if I hadn't tripped him up an_ied him.
  • Then he lay there, perfectly happy, saying:
  • "I may use your name! Your name - think of it! Man, they'll flock i_roves, these rich Londoners; they'll fight for that stock! I'm a made man,
  • I'm a made man forever, and I'll never forget you as long as I live!"
  • In less than twenty-four hours London was abuzz! I hadn't anything to do,
  • day after day, but sit at home, and say to all comers:
  • "Yes; I told him to refer to me. I know the man, and I know the mine. Hi_haracter is above reproach, and the mine is worth far more than he asks fo_t."
  • Meantime I spent all my evenings at the minister's with Portia. I didn'_ay a word to her about the mine; I saved it for a surprise. We talked salary;
  • never anything but salary and love; sometimes love, sometimes salary,
  • sometimes love and salary together. And my! the interest the minister's wif_nd daughter took in our little affair, and the endless ingenuities the_nvented to save us from interruption, and to keep the minister in the dar_nd unsuspicious - well, it was just lovely of them!