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Chapter 2 ONE

  • "Good Morning Ate-(Big Sister/Elder Sister)." My sister Shaina greeted me when she entered the house. She just arrived from work, because she's on night shift duty. My youngest sister is a nurse at one of the biggest hospital here in Manila.
  • "Good morning too Ina." I also greeted her and I smiled at her I saw in her face was very tired and pale. "Are there many patients today?" I asked her.
  • "Not much Ate, but I was one of those who assisted the Doctor in the operating room. He was a car accident patient, its a miracle that he still alive. He got a lot in that accident, and I don't know if he can still walk." She answered me, and I could see sadness in her eyes.
  • "I'm sure he'll be okay, didn't you say that he's miraculously survived. So it does means that he is brave and strong enough. No need to worry okey, now go ahead and change first and let's have breakfast together."
  • I told her, and I headed to the kitchen. And she was in her room. Later, she came out with a towel and went to the Comfort Room. "I'm just going to take a bath Ate." I just nodded at her.
  • Me and my sister were orphaned. Mom and Dad died in the same accident. The bus they were riding was crashed because it lost its brakes. I was twenty years old then and Shaina was only fourteen. We have no any relatives because our parents are both grown up in an orphanage. And they don't know who their parents are. Even though it was difficult for both of us to survive but we did, in Gods grace. So here we are, and now with my son Shawn Arch. Arch, was coming from the letters tattooed on his father's chest.
  • We only rented a small apartment, with two bedrooms. The living room and kitchen are connected, with only a small divider in the middle that serves as a barrier.
  • We didn't have much things too, in the living room there was a small coffee table. Two single seats and a little bit bigger couch that fit for three persons. And a small flat screen TV, while in the kitchen we only have a small refrigerator, stove and a small table just four persons.
  • The restroom is next to the kitchen area, and it is also small. We've been renting here for five years already.
  • I already fixed the table when my sister came out from the rest room. "Is Shawn still asleep?" She asked me. And I couldn't help but smile when I heard my son's name. Shawn is five years old, his our strength.
  • "Good morning Mama, good morning aunt." My son greeted us as he entered the kitchen and gave us a kiss on the cheek when he got close to Shaina and me, and sat down. I could not answer my sister's question because my son is already here.
  • "Good morning too son." I also greeted my son and kissed him on the cheek.
  • "Good morning too baby boy." Shaina also greeted him. She would have kissed him too but he avoided her and frowned.
  • "Aunt! I'm not a baby anymore I'm a big boy now, I'm already five years old." He even showed his aunt his open palm. We just laughed at what my son told us, because he didn't want to be called a baby because he said he was a big boy already.
  • "Ops ... Sorry? Aunt forgot you were a big boy already." Shaina said to my son and smile. "Oh hey, that's enough, let's eat." I told them. And we started eating, I don't need to feed my son. I just put the foods on his plate and he ate alone. He doesn't want to, because according to him feeding by mom is for baby only. Shawn was only two years old when he learned to use a spoon and fork. He is very independent, he also does not want to be bathed and dressed. He who bathed and dressed himself, all I need to do is prepared what he needs.
  • "You want more rice son?" I asked my son when I saw that his plate was empty of rice. We ate Heavy breakfast.
  • "Yes mama please and egg also." He answered me so I put another spoonful of rice and egg on my son's plate. I'm glad because he ates well.
  • After a while we already finished eating, "Ate, you might get late from your work, I'll take care of this." Shaina told me. And she started picking up the dishes
  • Shawn went to the living room, and watching a TV show. I also went into our room and get ready for work. I wore a black knee-length skirt, and a white long sleeve with a collar that was folded to the elbow. And a three inches black high heeled strap sandal high for my feet. I also put a light make up, and my natural brown hair is in a messy bun with a few strands falling out.
  • I smiled when I saw my reflection in the mirror, you would not think I already had a child. My body became more shapely after I gave birth to Shawn, I gained weight too. And my chest grew a bit too. My eyes, on the other hand, are like the eyes of a doll, with long eyelashes. Shaina and I had the same eyes, which we inherited from our mother. We both have sharp noses as if sculpted by a great sculptor. Our lips are just average, a kissable lips. Only the shape of our faces were differ, my face is a bit small. While Shaina is bit rounded, our skin color is the same. Not very white but smooth and soft, fair skin mixed with the colors of our parents.
  • We are both tall, I am five feet and six inches, and Shaina is five feet and five inches.
  • I went out of the room and took my black sling bag, then I checked myself carefully. I said goodbye to my son first, "Shawn, Mama is going to work be good okey, your aunt Shaina will sleep. She's tired from work, your clothes I already prepared. And your food is just on the table okey." I ordered my son and kissed him on the cheek.
  • "Yes Mama, don't worry about me I already know what to do. You take care okay?" I just smiled at my son, his really sweet.
  • "Okay Boss Shawn I will, I love you." I told him.
  • "I love you too Mama." He also said to me.
  • "Shaina I'm leaving." I also said goodbye to my sister who was already in her room. "All right Ate, you take care." She answered me. And I also left the house, and walked a little to the side of the road to wait for a ride. Just one ride to the company where I work. 7:20 am so I just took a taxi for a bit faster, I got on board right away.
  • Miraculously, I was not stuck in traffic, I only traveled for ten minutes, so I easily reached my destination.
  • I immediately paid the driver when we arrived and quickly got out of the taxi. I fixed my clothes before walking into the company.