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Chapter 21 The College of Athletic Arts

  • Dorothy and her friends arrived at the Royal Palace at an opportune time, fo_zma was holding high court in her Throne Room, where Professor H. M.
  • Wogglebug, T.E., was appealing to her to punish some of the students of th_oyal Athletic College, of which he was the Principal.
  • This College is located in the Munchkin Country, but not far from the Emeral_ity. To enable the students to devote their entire time to athleti_xercises, such as boating, foot-ball, and the like, Professor Wogglebug ha_nvented an assortment of Tablets of Learning. One of these tablets, eaten b_ scholar after breakfast, would instantly enable him to understand arithmeti_r algebra or any other branch of mathematics. Another tablet eaten afte_unch gave a student a complete knowledge of geography. Another tablet made i_ossible for the eater to spell the most difficult words, and still anothe_nabled him to write a beautiful hand. There were tablets for history,
  • mechanics, home cooking and agriculture, and it mattered not whether a boy o_ girl was stupid or bright, for the tablets taught them everything in th_winkling of an eye.
  • This method, which is patented in the Land of Oz by Professor Wogglebug, save_aper and books, as well as the tedious hours devoted to study in some of ou_ess favored schools, and it also allows the students to devote all their tim_o racing, base-ball, tennis and other manly and womanly sports, which ar_reatly interfered with by study in those Temples of Learning where Tablets o_earning are unknown.
  • But it so happened that Professor Wogglebug (who had invented so much that h_ad acquired the habit) carelessly invented a Square-Meal Tablet, which was n_igger than your little finger-nail but contained, in condensed form, th_qual of a bowl of soup, a portion of fried fish, a roast, a salad and _essert, all of which gave the same nourishment as a square meal.
  • The Professor was so proud of these Square-Meal Tablets that he began to fee_hem to the students at his college, instead of other food, but the boys an_irls objected because they wanted food that they could enjoy the taste of. I_as no fun at all to swallow a tablet, with a glass of water, and call it _inner; so they refused to eat the Square-Meal Tablets. Professor Wogglebu_nsisted, and the result was that the Senior Class seized the learne_rofessor one day and threw him into the river—clothes and all. Everyone know_hat a wogglebug cannot swim, and so the inventor of the wonderful Square-Mea_ablets lay helpless on the bottom of the river for three days before _isherman caught one of his legs on a fishhook and dragged him out upon th_ank.
  • The learned Professor was naturally indignant at such treatment, and so h_rought the entire Senior Class to the Emerald City and appealed to Ozma of O_o punish them for their rebellion.
  • I do not suppose the girl Ruler was very severe with the rebellious boys an_irls, because she had herself refused to eat the Square-Meal Tablets in plac_f food, but while she was listening to the interesting case in her Thron_oom, Cap'n Bill managed to carry the golden flower-pot containing the Magi_lower up to Trot's room without it being seen by anyone except Jellia Jamb,
  • Ozma's chief Maid of Honor, and Jellia promised not to tell.
  • Also the Wizard was able to carry the cage of monkeys up to one of the to_owers of the palace, where he had a room of his own, to which no one cam_nless invited. So Trot and Dorothy and Cap'n Bill and the Wizard were al_elighted at the successful end of their adventure. The Cowardly Lion and th_ungry Tiger went to the marble stables behind the Royal Palace, where the_ived while at home, and they too kept the secret, even refusing to tell th_ooden Sawhorse, and Hank the Mule, and the Yellow Hen, and the Pink Kitte_here they had been.
  • Trot watered the Magic Flower every day and allowed no one in her room to se_he beautiful blossoms except her friends, Betsy Bobbin and Dorothy. Th_onderful plant did not seem to lose any of its magic by being removed fro_ts island, and Trot was sure that Ozma would prize it as one of her mos_elightful treasures.
  • Up in his tower the little Wizard of Oz began training his twelve tin_onkeys, and the little creatures were so intelligent that they learned ever_rick the Wizard tried to teach them. The Wizard treated them with grea_indness and gentleness and gave them the food that monkeys love best, so the_romised to do their best on the great occasion of Ozma's birthday.