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Chapter 33

  • Blake POV
  • The room was suffocating, it was wide but all it managed to remind me of was the white room, it was almost similar. I felt around the wall, it was the same, my thumb couldn't feel a thing, the only difference was that the room was painted in a light gray color, while the remaining item in the room was a mix of white and light grey. It was depressing. I walked towards the door, turning the knob but it remained locked. There was no television, just an old newspaper. I jerked back, my heart running a marathon when I looked around the corner of the four-poster bed. I could almost swear that I had seen the little girl crouched in on herself. My hand shook. I quelled the urge to scream by biting harshly on my lips. It was bad enough with the nightmares, now it was like she wanted to haunt my waking hours too. I'd spoken to April after that undercover mission, retelling all the horrible details of what went on, she'd comforted me, letting me know that it would have been impossible for me to save everyone, but the guilt never left. It just got weighed down by all the mundane activities I involved myself in. The white room had been a wake-up call. I wasn't over it. I blamed myself for not saving her. It was all my fault, even if it was not, it was still my fault. I played a role in her death. I paced around the room. Was why Gabrielle doing this, who was the kid earlier. Did she kill his father? Was Noah the lover that was killed? It was farfetched, but that was the only logical explanation for the whole drama that took place earlier. The boy had looked so helpless, just like me. There had been a gunshot, I got worried, but It wasn't over my safety, more of the safety of the one who held me captive. If she died, who would talk to me, who would... I had to banish all these horrible thoughts. I shouldn't depend on her, I should be planning my escape. I searched around the room for anything that resembled a weapon, but there was none. The room had the same kind of illuminating light as the white room, I couldn't see my shadow on the wall. It got quiet, the only sound was my heavy breathing. I rushed into the bathroom before I went crazy, turning on the shower. The water soaked my clothes, cooling my skin. The kiss we shared came unbidden, forcing me to snap my eyes open. No. I can never be with her, not after all this. I thought my attraction would fade when I opened my eyes to who she was, but it didn't. I grew more attached, needier, and more insane. It was depressing.
  • This was all a power play for her, once she'd had her fun, she'd either kill me or send me to her whorehouses as she threatened to. The thought brought a bitter laugh out of my throat. I punched at the wall, just to feel something, anything. I undressed, switching the dial for hot water. It was scalding, but at least I could feel something, think about something other than Gabrielle Genovese. I finished bathing, putting on the robe in the bathroom. I stepped out to meet Simone standing in my room. He didn't come across as friendly, his shoulder was stiff as he regarded me. His mouth was set in a thin line, hands mere inches away from his gun. I'd only seen him smile once, and that smile had been directed at Gabrielle.
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