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Chapter 30

  • Gabrielle POV
  • I had decided to go off the radar at the last minute... Not really. I'd gotten into a heated argument with one of my clients at the casino, he didn't want to keep doing business because he'd heard of the power switch. I'd been too distracted that I managed to dodge the blade aimed right for my kidney just a second before it hit. I'd gotten a slashed wound instead. I'd been furious, hence my reckless retaliation. I'd killed everyone who seemed to be in support of the attack. I won some new alliances over but made new enemies. There'd been almost a dozen assassination attempts, but I'd expected it. I knew my family would try to get rid of me once I fell away from grandfather's grace. It was mortifying how much they despised me, but it was all good. My list was getting fuller, I'd tick some off soon. I clenched my teeth pouring alcohol over the wound. It stung, so much that my eyes became red. I drowned the remaining alcohol, feeling relaxed as it went down my throat with a burning warmth. I need to see Blake. The thought came out of nowhere, grounding me. I operated on a tight set of rules when it came to him. I allowed myself to see him for only an hour each day. It was deliberate, I wanted him to miss me, look forward to the time I'd spend with him. I was the only one who spoke to him, I was his only connection, he was fighting it, but soon he'd come to depend on me, love me, he'd come to crave my presence. I trailed my hands over my lips, it burned in remembrance of the kiss we had. He'd resisted, fought himself to not feel anything but I'd won in the end. He'd surrendered and it was beautiful. I wanted him to be vulnerable, I wanted him clingy because I was starting to get clingy. I didn't want to leave him even when the stipulated time was up. I felt at peace when I watched him, he was like a cool rain on my skin after a sunny day, caressing all my filth, my dirt away until I was washed clean in its purging drops. His gaze on mine made me want to forget everything, I just wanted it to be the two of us, together, forever. I was getting addicted, but I didn't want to stop. I can't stop. He was mine. He'll always be mine. Always. I bandaged the cut, putting on a black shirt, before tugging on my jeans. I donned a face cap, tucking in my hair so none spilled out. No one should know where I was taking Blake. I didn't understand why I was so protective of someone I might have to kill in the end, but that protective feeling lingered, making me feel like I wasn't in my skin. I shouldn't want him, but I did, and I've never been good at denying myself anything I wanted. Simone walked into the room, taking note of the bloody bandages. He held a first aid kit in his hand. He suddenly looked unsure of what to do.
  • "It's fine. I already took care of it." I stepped around him heading for the window.
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