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Chapter 9 Alfonso

  • Alfonso
  • Happiness and confusion, though were two entirely different emotions, surprisingly blended flawlessly in the system of Raven.
  • As strange as it may be, the 24-year-old couldn't exactly pinpoint her current emotions yet wasn't chanced to ponder too deeply about it due to the roughness of a Stray Dog.
  • Being dragged, Raven's both arms were held firmly in place by the strong grip of the Stray Dogs. Yet, she couldn't care less about their grip on her arms – it wasn't anywhere private, so she'd allow it.
  • Instead of being offended or pissed off, Raven's lips were twisted into a wide smile – the men who were dragging her towards the numerous SUVs couldn't help but glance confusingly at her.
  • Did they capture the supposed bride of Ramos? Or was she a fake? Her actions could be classified as strange – shouldn't a bride be dumbfoundingly heartbroken because her wedding got ruined?
  • Then why? — why was this goddess of a lady grinning so victoriously like one who won a lottery?
  • Withstanding her incomprehensible mood, they paid less attention to her and continued walking her to the car.
  • The wedding – her wedding to Ramos Escobar, if they were to be described singularly, turned out to be a mess.
  • A mess which she loved immensely!
  • The lengthy end of her wedding gown swept the blood-tainted stoned tiles, yet Raven was seemingly nonchalant – it wasn't as if they were undeserving of death.
  • To Raven, all mafias needn't be killed for all the harm they've caused to others – a mafia couldn't justify his sins to her. Unnoticeably, Raven hated mafias with everything that made her who she was, but today, one saved her from another.
  • Drawing nearer to the SUV, Raven glanced at the garden – one which was once decorated so sweetly was now painted in blood.
  • The sight of such profuse blood got Raven grimacing disgustingly – the man who shot Ramos' wrist was …. Dashingly hot!
  • She'd admit that yet couldn't overlook some slight similarities his face shared with Lee – does he share some sort of family traits with Lee?
  • Raven refused to think about it in that manner; Lee was a doctor – a sweet, intelligent, handsome, and caring one. Why would he be related to a mafia?
  • It didn't add up, so tried to clear her head of such thoughts. Expectantly yet sorrowfully, even the spots the numerous cars were packed were sneered in blood.
  • Raven had to lift her head to avoid glazing at something so unsightly the blood presented.
  • Wordlessly, Raven slid into the flashy SUV but was soon caught in the middle of the Stray Dogs again. Honestly, she didn't mind, so rested her head on the headrest and once the car began moving, the banquet of roses got tossed measly out of the window like some sort of rag.
  • The two men and even the one driving the car glanced at her – surely, they didn't make a mistake, right? This was Ramos' bride, right?
  • Then why the fuck was she smiling so delightfully!?
  • Meanwhile, back at the invaded and now bloody garden where his wedding ought to take place, stood Ramos, on the aisle as blood escaped his wrist excessively.
  • The guests who were fortunate to be wealthy enough merely got their valuables taken from them – none wanted to die in such a manner, and so offered a mind-bugging sum of money to the leader of the Stray Dogs.
  • However, money was the last thing he'd ever desired since he was a fucking billionaire – what could they offer him that'd pique his interest?
  • “Pl-please, let me go! Half a billion. I'll-" His statement got cut short once Alfonso pulled the trigger of his gun, sending a bullet straight into his skull.
  • Gasps, whimpers, and light yet scared shrieks were heard, yet none moved an inch – his aura alone was too overwhelmingly fearsome.
  • Every soul trembled uncontrollably due to fear, but Ramos – His rage got his body shakily rapidly like a drenched kitten.
  • “You fucking son of a freaking bitch!” Ramos smirked infuriatingly while aiming his gun at Alfonso, who was walking gallantly towards him.
  • He pulled the trigger, but the young mafia was quick enough to move out of the way. Ramon tsked annoyingly and attempted to shoot at him again, but Alfonso's quickness to pull his gun's trigger surpassed Ramos'.
  • Again, his bullet penetrated the arm he recently got shot at – the arm Raven had shot back at the hospital.
  • His gun fell from his grip and almost immediately, three consecutive bullets pierced into his right leg.
  • A grunt of pain fell from his lips, yet he refused to fall or bow down to Alfonso – he was a man of honor.
  • Not some kind of child who'd easily give to anyone – especially not to a young lad under the age of 30!
  • Blood escaped the shot areas relentlessly, but Ramos focused his eyes on the approaching demigod; he could be considered one due to the bountifulness of his good looks.
  • Why would a human even have such an appearance?- it was surreal.