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Chapter 6 I Will Be Your Bride

  • Ramos, however, continuously smiled coquettishly at her – her silence indicated that his objective would surely be fulfilled. Since blood kept running endlessly down his wounded lips, he wiped it off and then glanced at the blood stain – this lady had inflicted pain on him…for the second time now.
  • “Be my third wife, Raven Lockheed, and I'll forget about the money”
  • His utterance sounded like a complete and hilarious joke to her ears – uncontrollably, she laughed, but it lasted shortly.
  • She glared menacingly at him, then scoffed. The old fucker must be high on some sort of cheap drug due to how illogically he spoke.
  • Her? His wife? — and a third one for that matter?
  • “Go fuck yourself, Ramos!” She responded curtly, only for a devious grin to creep onto his lips. Wordlessly, he took some steps backward but halted next to the container of the shark.
  • Raven trembled at the sight of such a ferocious creature – with the way it paraded in the water, it was starved and hungered.
  • She gulped down emptiness at the assumption that he'd feed her to the shark as a means of punishment. As much as Raven longed to live, she'd unhesitatingly sacrifice her life to save Mr. Salvador's, but first, where was her father?
  • Ramos stood next to the container, yet his body stuck closely to a wall, which surprisingly had a lever on it. She gazed curiously at him as his hand reached for the handle, which he pulled downwards.
  • Raven retained her gaze on him – curious yet afraid of what'd happen.
  • “Pretty ass, I'mma giving you two options” As he spoke, the sounds of something descending stepped in and Raven roamed her eyes eagerly around.
  • What was that? Surely, it was coming from upward, but what could it be? Her questions were soon answered when a chair to which Mr. Salvador was tied began descending slowly into the…shark's container.
  • “Father!” Raven screamed frightfully at the sight of her father, unconscious and bloodied. Gradually, the chains which held his chair kept lowering directly at the open shark's container.
  • “Stop! Ramos fucking stop! Stop!” her screams dominated the place, and tears unexpectedly rolled down her cheeks – what was Ramos doing?
  • Did he plan to feed her father to a shark? Her reaction perfectly aligned with Ramos' thoughts; he had her where he wanted – vulnerable, desperate, and pitiful.
  • Despite her screams, the chains steadily lowered the chair to the shark, and the impatient creature jumped highly out of the water in an attempt to drag Mr. Salvador down with it.
  • “Father! Please stop! I'm begging you, Ramos! Please!!” Her cries were accompanied by rocking the chair she was tied on.
  • He couldn't feed her father to a shark – please. Ramos chuckled loudly at her reaction; oh, how frail could one get, just because of her father?
  • “You'll do anything I ask of you, won't you, pretty ass?” his question went unanswered for some seconds, and he narrowed his eyes unbelievably at her.
  • She was this bullheaded, huh? Without another utterance, he pulled the lever forcefully downwards, and the chair fell straight into the shark's waiting jaw.
  • “I'll do it! I'll do whatever you ask, Ramos! I'll do it! I'll be your bride, just please, spare my father! Please!!”