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Chapter 5 Ramos

  • Ramos
  • “Miss, your change!” The taxi driver stuck his head out of the window, then yelled at the running black-haired goddess. Panic, which was the only thing she could feel coursing through her veins, thrived in making her forget about her T-fare change.
  • With every hurried step, she took while heading into the darkened street, the bun her hair was held in came loose and her lengthy hair swayed sideways rapidly.
  • Running down the dark alley at such an ungodly hour was Raven Lockheed.
  • Still dressed in her waitress outfit, Raven threw caution outside the damned window, since the sole thing which occupied her mind was Mr. Salvador Lockheed – her captured father.
  • Despite the lethality of the streets of New York whenever night approached, Raven ventured swiftly into the unwholesome alleyways.
  • Due to how much she ran, her chest rose and fell unsteadily, with her russet brown eyes roaming from one poorly illuminated spot to another. Now, she stood anxiously in a soulless alley – the large buildings were thoroughly damaged; it served as a good spot for all sorts of illegal things.
  • “Where is he? Where is that fucker?” Raven muttered repeatedly as obvious beads of agitated sweat formed on her forehead.
  • She needs to save her father from the clenches of that old man.
  • Yeah, her father acted overly foolishly by taking a freaking loan from such a deadly crime syndicate. Then again, Raven thought she'd be able to save him by bluffing that day.
  • She wasn't regretful about shooting Ramos – no, she was regretful about not leaving New York earlier. But now, it was all too late.
  • Simultaneously, Raven concerned herself about her father's state of health and well-being – a recently discharged hospital patient shouldn't be passing through such stress!
  • “Ramos, where are you for hell's sake!” frustrated, Raven yelled out as her blood-stained legs began walking through the dangerous alleyways.
  • The search seemed fruitless, then again her eyes caught the sight of a rolling beer bottle – its content had some remains, so undoubtedly the Graveyards were nearby.
  • Raven took rushed steps to a spot where a dimmed source of light was shining. To her disappointment, it was merely a night lamp.
  • Raven gnashed her teeth infuriatingly and once she turned, her nose got stuffed roughly by a sedated handkerchief. Her attacker was too strong, and so was his placement on her nostrils.
  • Helplessly, Raven's nose inhaled the unpleasant scent and within some seconds, she went limp into a pair of arms.
  • ~*~
  • The abruptness and chillness of the water that got dumped on Raven brought her back to life. A sharp gasp elicited from her pale and chapped lips as her eyes shone brightly.
  • Once she became halfly conscious, her nostrils couldn't help but inhale an offensive odor, which got her coughing violently. Raven coughed and gasped for breath simultaneously – she needed air, then again the odor was too suffocating for her.
  • “Finally awake, huh, pretty ass?”
  • Raven knew the owner of that voice more than anyone in the whole darn world. Her eyes shone with deep resentment as she lifted her head, but at the sight of a large open-lid container that contained a great shark, Raven's eyes dilated shockingly.
  • What…the hell was something as dangerous as a shark doing here? And in this alley, of all places? Or… Was she no longer in the alley?
  • As a result of surprise, fear, and loath, Raven got completely conscious of her surroundings – she was tied to a chair. Her arms were held from behind by a tightly knotted rope, while her legs were untied.
  • Herself and Ramos were the only ones in the supposed room – well, those were her assumptions.
  • “Where's my father? You shitty geezer, where's my father? Provide him this fucking instant!” Raven demanded ragingly, and her boisterous voice bounced off the walls, echoing around the entire place.
  • Ramos, who had been standing next to the transparent yet gigantic water-filled container, walked luxuriously to Raven.
  • The topically handsome 45 years old mafia got hold of Raven's chin and unsuspectingly claimed her pulchritudinous lips in a rough kiss.
  • It lasted briefly since Raven unfailingly caught his lower lips in a bite – pulling the skin of his lips brutally.
  • Blood gushed out immediately and Ramos disconnected the kiss as his lips bled profusely, then again he smiled widely at her. Raven was a burning furnace right now – how dare he?
  • “My father – give me my father, Ramos!” her rant came after she spat out her saliva, which she mixed with Ramos' during the kiss.
  • “My money first” With bloody lips, he grinned mischievously at her and Raven scoffed lightly – he fucking knew she didn't have single cash on her. “Pretty ass, can't speak anymore?” he tilted his head to the side, and she scowled at him.
  • “You fucking know I don't have any money for you, shitty geezer! But I'll figure something out, okay? I can work as a darn maid or servant to repay the freaking debt” Her voice was low, and she avoided eye contact with him.
  • “I don't want that shit, pretty ass” His words came almost immediately, she suggested something so simple – why would he take her as a mere maid?
  • Raven's lips twisted into an angry grin – no miracle would happen which would provide such a huge amount of money to her.