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Chapter 10 Saved By The Devil

  • Saved By The Devil
  • The pains in Ramos' leg, however, surpassed his will to keep standing – soon enough, his shot gave in, then he crashed into the blood-tainted aisle with gritted teeth.
  • “What do you want from me, you fucking dog?” angrily, Ramos rasped while he tried to glance at Alfonso, who didn't allow that. A brutal kick of the knee to the aged mafia's jaw knocked his consciousness right out of his head.
  • The Leader of the Stray Dogs quietly stared emotionlessly at the unconscious Ramos for a while before he turned to leave – his work here was done.
  • Majestically, like some sort of heavenly descendant, Alfonso made his way out of there; still, his facial expression was unreadable.
  • The guests who had their faces kissing the bare ground were sadly unfortunate since he unhesitatingly placed a bullet or two into each head.
  • The bloodshed was excess, just like it should be once Alfonso Sanchez makes his presence known.
  • (*)
  • Gigantic?
  • No – that word wasn't even suitable to describe the largeness of the estate; Raven wasn't even sure a word existed that could.
  • The place where the numerous cars drove through was something she'd never believed existed on Earth – not even the Graveyard's Estate was as large as it was.
  • The supposed bride of Ramos could be seen alighting from the SUV but was led by two Stray Dogs – to her, they were her bodyguards. Raven unintentionally had her jaw dangling due to disbelief; why would a place look this divine yet have a lethal scent?
  • There was something about the air and aura of this place, the Stray Dogs' Villa, that got her skin crawling with goosebumps. This place was surely the base of a real… devil.
  • Every building, despite how tall it was, got painted in pitch black except for the one she was getting led into.
  • A mini car got provided for the two Stray Dogs, who held her in place as they got in. So enormous was this main mansion that it'd be overly tiresome to walk to.
  • Despite how awed she was, Raven retained silence and that Stoicism of her expression while being led into the beautifully designed mansion.
  • The largeness of the main door mandated two hefty men to push before it'd open. Raven stepped in, her pitch-black gown flowing freely from behind while going into the spacious living room.
  • However, the black-haired beauty couldn't admire the living room because of the presence of Alfredo Sanchez – the twin brother and second leader of the Stray Dogs.
  • Here, cladded in a sultry body – tight white turtle-neck wear and leather pants, stood the mafia boss. At his feet laid three dead men, each gruesomely killed – an eyeball of one even rolled towards the direction of a tongue-tied Raven.
  • Alfredo was currently wiping his bloody hands with a hand towel which was presented to him by a maid. The golden lip ring he wore on his lower lip glistered stunningly as he smoked causally.
  • “It's almost nightfall, Lord Alfredo. Shall I get the car ready to take you to the hospital?” a man in black who stood behind spoke professionally, and Alfredo simply puffed out smoke.
  • He was yet to respond when a light whimper was heard from ahead. Sluggishly, he lifted his eyes to behold whosoever it was, then again, in her presence, the cigarette stick fell from his lips.
  • Likewise, he wasn't the only one flabbergasted to see her here – Raven was…as pale as a ghost due to shock.
  • “Th-this can't be” Her lips quivered as she took another step, almost falling to the ground.
  • She couldn't believe her eyes – someone she held so close to her heart. Someone, Raven was sure she'd be able to vouch and give her life for…was a mafia?
  • “Le-Lee? You… You're the Second Leader of the Stray Dogs? Lee!?”