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Chapter 4

  • "Hana ya," Mira runs over to me and starts pulling my arm while shaking her head in protest, "don't make a scene here. Let's go back to the others."
  • "Mrs Choi," The man calls, his voice is thick with coldness as he turn to glance at the old lady, "make sure they all follow the ritual without exception. As for this young woman, I see she's too stubborn to comply. Bring her to my floor, I will personally check her." What! He can't be serious, can he?
  • As though he knows what I'm thinking, he gives me a one time scowl before he finally strolls away, leaving me trailing my eyes on the back of his patterned tuxedo.
  • If he dares touch me!
  • I guess I'm going to have to beg him not to touch me himself, because he's obviously stronger. Aigoo, I should've quietly allow the Ahjumma to do it. I scold myself internally.
  • "Take her to Master Jin's floor." The old lady now orders the two men, a hideous smile hidden behind her wrinkly lip corners. The men are the same ones I've earlier fought with. Or more like threw things at them.
  • "This is bad, Hana. You shouldn't have caused trouble. What do you do now?" Mira asks worriedly, holding my hand tight as the two men approach me.
  • "Mira ya, worry about yourself. I can handle myself." I say, slightly pulling my hand away from her hold. She stare at me, along with the other frightened girls as I willingly follow the men to the door. If I have to go somewhere, I don't want anyone touching me, I'll rather walk myself.
  • We leave the hall and walk down the end of a long corridor with so many doors. There's a bank of three elevators by the left, and one of the men press open the second elevator. The moment we enter, he swipes a card over a censor, causing it to beep as the elevator begins to move up, stopping at the 5th floor.
  • "You can proceed. Be wise enough to not cause a scene or you face the worst penalty." One of the men warns, but I don't answer him, pretending like my ears have suddenly gone deaf.
  • I step out the elevator alone and walk to the door I see. There are CCTV cameras everywhere in the lobby, watching me from all angles. I press on a little button I see on the door, hoping it will open, but it doesn't. Instead, my small round face suddenly pops up on the video intercom monitor — a straight anime eyebrow, pale dehydrated skin and a chapped pink lips. Why am I nervous about how I look, it's not like I'm here for a fashion show or something.
  • I wish the man will open up already.
  • The door suddenly begins to part open, as a figure emerged in the door way. As soon as I see him, I go down on my knees, ready to start begging to save my dignity.
  • "Sir. I've caused you a lot of trouble." I start pleading on my knees, acting weak and remorseful. "I know you have to punish me, and you can do it in some other ways, not in this way. If you have to check me by yourself, then just kill me first and do what you want to do with my dead body." I can't believe I'm asking for death, when I should be pleading for salvation.
  • There's an uncomfortable silence settling around us, as I keep my eyes on the man's oversized indoor slippers. Something is a little bit strange, this isn't the shoe he was wearing a few minutes ago. Has he changed them?
  • I hear the sound of a man laughing, and I look up and take note of the laughing face clearly. Ohmo, he's not the same person, even the clothes are not the same. How did I not notice?
  • "Jin, there's a guest at your door." The man retrieves his body and starts yelling inside. "She's asking to get killed. Should we take out her kidneys?"
  • Kid. . . Kidneys?
  • My heart rate speeds off as I rummage through my thoughts to find an escape plan. What do I do? Heck, I don't even know how to navigate this mansion, where do I run to? Or should I stay and keep begging?
  • Someone slightly coughs, causing me to raise my head and look. Oh, shoot! That's the real boss, the patterned tuxedo wearing man they call Master Jin. I wonder who the other person is, they look quite alike like brothers. But this one has a permanent scowl on his face, while the other one doesn't.
  • "You think you can find your way out with begging huh? But unfortunately, I'm not an easy man for you to manipulate with your acting skills. Now get back on your feet. There's a lot of work for you to do."
  • Work? I'm confused. "What sort of work will I be doing, Sir?" I ask, hoping that the 'work' won't require me to strip my clothes because I won't let that happen. Unless I die first!
  • Master Jin silently looks down at me, the scowl on his face deepening. He seems to be debating on whether to kick my head off or not to. I keep my head down to avoid meeting with his icy glares.
  • "Come on Jin, don't scare the girl." The other man returns, side stepping master Jin and walking out through the door. "Remember I need her to be healthy, so her kidneys can fetch me a fortune." The man adds, and then walks away to the elevator and exit, leaving me with the boss who's still silently watching me without even responding.
  • "You're going to be my maid from today onward." He speaks, in a tone of arrogance. "And don't you dare think that you can escape from this place and still live to see tomorrow. You are now my property, and you must work hard to earn your living as a servant. No free meals. Do you understand me?"
  • I shake my head side to side to mean 'no'. My heart is pounding so much, his voice is so harsh that he makes me want to pee.
  • "Ya." He calls, casually, using the tip of his loafers to start poking me on my knee. Mwoya! Does he think I'm a banana peel or what. "You answer me with your mouth not with your head. I'm only being lenient with you because you're new. Now do you understand?"
  • "Yes Sir. Thank you for the opportunity." I swallow my irritation. "I will work hard to earn my keep, but before I start working, I. . ." I'm hesitating to finish off, I don't know how he will react to my suggestion. "I need food, Sir. That way, I can perform better."
  • "It's settled. You will have food before you get to work."