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Chapter 2

  • "Hey." Min's voice brings me back to my senses, and I find myself already sitting on the floor chair in his small, half empty room. "Don't think so hard. Kai is going to be fine. You can trust him, I'm sure he can handle whatever it is." He pats me on my back.
  • "He said he'll return tomorrow, but I'm so worried, Oppa. What if my brother ends up like Eunnie's brother? What if he's involved in, you know. Drugs or something?"
  • "Don't say that! Your brother is too clever to get involved in illegal activities. Just trust him. I'll get you some water to drink, okay?"
  • "Okay."
  • Min stands up and goes to his corner kitchen which I can see from where I am sitting. He takes a bottle of water and uncap it and pour into a glass cup. He glance over at me and smile, then he takes a sachet of something and pour it into the glass cup.
  • "I've dissolved some vitamin C. It will help you feel refreshed." He explains as he walks to me and handover the glass. "Finish it all and calm down."
  • Min is like my family, I trust him so much just the way I trust my older brother. Without hesitation, I gulp down the water as it pass through my throat, making me instantly refreshed.
  • "Thank you Oppa."
  • "You can sleep some more if you want to. I think you deserve a long sleep baby, you don't need to go to work anymore. Oppa will take good care of you." The smile on Min's face looks very unsettling to me for some strange reason, and my heart starts thumping loudly against my chest. I feel like I've just. . . taken. . . I don't know. Concentrated alcohol?
  • My eyes starts going blurry and I fall on Min's hand, feeling so weak as if I've just consumed a hundred bottle of soju. "What did you. . . put in my water? Oppa. . ." My eyes forced themselves to close, and I drift into a slumber.
  • ~ ~ ~
  • A stinky smell of something like piss set me startled awake. My blurriness clears up and I see figures and movements of so many girls around me, panic written on their faces. One among them must've piss in their panties, hence, the bad smell. I'm confused, I don't know where the heck I am and why I'm among those strange girls. There's darkness in here, it feels like we're in a container being transported in at the back of a truck or something. The air is choking with not a single source of ventilation apart from the tiny tiny holes drilled into the container walls.
  • An extreme wave of fear begins to surge in my soul, I can feel my heart erratically pounding in my chest. It feels like I'm going to pass out. The last thing I can remember is Min Oppa's face smiling down at me after he's drugged me. I can't believe he did this! Where has he brought me to? I wrap my hands around my body tightly holding myself together. I feel like a glass cup about to crumble to pieces.
  • "Hey. Are you okay? What's your name?" A girl touch me and I almost flinch at the contact of her warm hand against my shoulder. "Uh, sorry I didn't mean to scare you. Just worried because you're shivering so much. Are you cold?"
  • "No. You can call me Hana. Where am I?" I ask, staring at her beautiful large brown eyes that makes me feel a little bit calm and hopeful. "What is this place? Do you know how I got in here?" I hope she's not going to tell me what I'm thinking.
  • "Everyone is just as clueless as you are. But I think I have an idea about what's happening to us. We're all victims of women trafficking, we've been purchased by our buyers and I think they're taking us to our destination."
  • It's obvious already, I just don't want to admit that it is what it seems like. Why will Min of all person do this to me? I thought he sees me like his little sister, how can he live after this?
  • "We're going to live, Hana ya. Don't cry. We must be strong in other to live." The girl says, her voice too calm that I wonder why she's not terrified like all the others who are quietly glancing at one another. She looks around my age, maybe nineteen or eighteen. The others seem to be teenagers probably within the age range of fifteen to nineteen. I roughly count the girls with my eyes, we're about twenty two in number including myself.
  • "What's. . ." I sniff in an clear my throat to speak well, wiping the teardrop away from my cheek. "What's your name? How did you end up here?"
  • "I'm Mira. A loanshark sold me off because my Dad failed to pay back the money he took."
  • "Oh my gosh, I'm sure your Dad will be so worried. He'll probably hate himself for this." I wish I even have a Dad or Mom to worry about me. No one will know if I rot in here, Kai is already gone. Our worlds have split apart and my life is about to change.
  • "My life hasn't been any better than this even when I was free." Mira shrugs. "Now that I'm like a slave, if the place I end up is better than my home, I won't mind that much. I'll focus on surviving and grabbing every opportunity I get to be happy."
  • Life must've been really cruel for her to be saying such things. Who will want to lose their freedom no matter how bad their family home is? I guess her life may be worse than I can imagine. Especially if her Father happens to be an abusive drunkard just like Min's Father who fell of the cliff and died last year. His Father must've been the one who turned Min into such a monster. How can he betray us? How can he ever live with what he's done to me? I've known him for my whole life, it's not stupidity for me to trust him.
  • It's just a bad fate.
  • Mira holds my hand in hers, she seem like a good person, but I'm not yet comfortable with her because she's still a stranger. Though I find myself unable to slip away from her comforting warm hold. I give in and allow her to console me while the tears keep pouring down from my eyes continuously.
  • The trailer suddenly comes to a halt and something starts scuffling from the outside. Mira clutch my hand tighter as we all stare at the bronze gates swinging open. Lights from outside flood into the container as a man climbs up and enter. There's a whip in his hand and a rope in another as he glance at our faces one after another.