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Chapter 9 AN OLD ENEMY

  • Bella got back to Tim's place,huddled over her bed and grabbed her teddy, cuddled up with the blanket.
  • "How am I suppose to kill him,when I can't even stay a day without itching to see him,why is this happening.....,no matter what, I have to get rid of him as soon as possible,the plan is to get information about that balded bastard from him and then kill him in bed"Bella said to herself and sighed heavily.
  • She tossed to and fro the bed uneasily,just the idea of getting rid of him bothered her.Few minutes later, she got up from the bed and decided to go back to the hospital.
  • Outside the hospital premises,she was tempted to go in ,but she decided to wait for him in an art center, which was just a stone throw from the hospital ,since she was interested in art,she thought it would be nice to go check the paintings out.
  • She stepped in the art center ,she walked to the painting wall admirably,then one of a ballerina got her attention,it was one of the best paintings in th building,the little ballerina was in the spotlight with her princess gazelle custom ,her blonde hair was decorated with strawberries and parked up into a huge round bun,the character looks like she was enjoying her moment,with the elegant pose and a broad smile ,her sparkling.
  • Bella sucked on her smoothie straw, as the huge straw smoothly transfer the thick cream into her mouth,her  pictubrows the arched a little,the picture reminded her of her young self.
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