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Chapter 7 Care

  • Isabelle.
  • It had been a few days since I'm living with Kaden and his family. Apart from Kaden, I'd gotten close to Cassandra. Jason and Carter were also friendly but they remained busy with their work most of the time.
  • Cassandra had given me a few books, I could read them quite nicely-- Even though I had remained locked in one single room for most of my life and my vocabulary was limited, with Cassandra's help I was getting to learn new words. The maids in the previous castle were helpful towards and that is the reason why I could learn to read.
  • Currently, I was reading a novel, and from what Cassandra had told me--It was a romance novel. I still was new learning about it, but all I knew about was that a hug and a kiss on the forehead were a sign of intimacy. I couldn't understand much, but in the books, it stated that sensing that bubbling feeling in the abdomen and the warmth in the chest was something related to a close connection between two people. A bond.
  • As I put the book down on the nightstand and leaned the headboard of the bed, a few minutes passed before there was a knock at the door. As I told the person behind the door to come in, I saw Kaden walking inside.
  • He smiled as his eyes fell on me, I could find the same happiness fluttering inside me just as I'd read in the books.
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