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Chapter 16 The Unexpected

  • Isabelle.
  • Kaden's brows rose in surprise, he glanced at the door then at me. His dark eyes started getting normal. The unexpected interruption had caught both of us off guard. But Layla's panicked voice was what seemed to surprise him even more.
  • He leaned forward turning on the lamp and got off my body, I fixed my dress and sat up before I followed him as he walked towards the door.
  • There was a strange suspension existing in the room till he opened the door and Layla's tear-stained face came into our view.
  • "Layla, what happened?" Kaden's eyes went wide watching her state, her hair was messy and there were huge marks covering her cheeks and her neck.
  • A gasp slipped past my lips, who did that to her? The worry instantly consumed me.
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