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Chapter 12 A Guest

  • Kaden.
  • I watched as she slept peacefully in my arms, she had shifted in her sleep and curled up against me. Her tiny button nose scrunched a bit as a few of her Auburn hair strands fell on her face. I lightly brushed them away careful enough to not wake her up.
  • The sun had set up a while ago, but her cute little snores didn't let me wake her up. She was too precious.
  • Her soft pink lips tempted me to kiss her but I resisted the urge.
  • The last when I kissed her, I almost lost it. Never in my mind, I had thought kissing her could awaken the feral part of me this much. My lycan was dying to mark her, she was tempting. And her innocence made everything even harder.
  • Even her freckles were perfect.
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