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Chapter 75

  • ***
  • Ace's POV:
  • She gasped when I ripped her panties into two, leaving her with only a skirt up at her waist. I smirked at her. She'd reddened. We continued the slow kiss. She caressed me all the way, taking off my shirt and tie and throwing them on the floor with her own clothes.
  • Tempted, while we kissed, with my free hand, I found my way in between her thighs, to her warm folds. She gasped, moaning into my mouth. I rubbed her sensitivity, teasing and playing with her clit. She shivered in my arms, moaning and digging her fingers into my back.
  • She began to grind against my rubbing fingers, seeking sweet release.  I'd teased her enough. I stopped and reached for my pants. She sat up so I took take them off easily. She'd wet me a little.
  • "So wet already, huh?" I teased her. She was breathless.
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