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Chapter 14

  • ***
  • After changing into my dirty clothes again, I sadly went down the stairs. But then I heard aunt Christina on the phone in the kitchen. I sneaked to go listen. I heard her.
  • "Yeah. I have the money. I'm rich! Hahahaha. Uhum, yes...oh, you are right, Hahahaha. That's not a bad idea." she said in strange manner. "You're right. Totally! Now that I have Paul's fortune, that little bastard is useless. Don't the end of this weekend I'll get rid of him. For good."
  • A low gasp escaped my mouth. Afraid, I ran out of the house and back to the stable where I sat on the floor and sobbed. Was I going to die? What did she mean she would get rid of me? Who was she speaking to? What was I going to do now. I cried until evening. We were Friday and she'd said she would get rid of me before the weekend ended. I thought and thought of a solution while I cried.
  • *
  • Night reached fast. Aunt Christina had starved me the whole day, despite the fact that I'd given her all my father's money. She was cruel. From the stable, I could smell delicious fried chicken in the house. She was celebrating her newly gained wealth and had given food to all employees. Apart from me. I wasn't even an employee. I was a slave. I was a slave because I wasn't paid or given anything in return for my hard work. It was hard for me to find sleep with all that hunger.
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