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Chapter 13

  • ***
  • By night I was done crying. I lay silently on the hay, thinking. Praying for Heather to be okay. I was only twelve but I believed I loved her. I wasn't sure though if I could call it love. But what I was sure of was that I really liked her. She was the only one who smiled at me in a very very long time. Yet I was unable to see her.
  • *
  • It was 10pm and the ranch was silent apart from the little noise the horses in the stable with me did. Everyone had gone to sleep. I thought of going to look for left over carrots from the horses' manger but I was too weak to move. I closed my eyes. For the first time in my life, I prayed for death to come get me.
  • I still had my eyes shut when I felt a soft hand caress my cheek. I slowly opened my eyes and saw Heather sitting by my side.
  • "He– Heather?" I called weakly.
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