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Chapter 81

  • They didn't know Damian in fact was a vampire and when he said he would have them for dinner he was actually talking about sucking their blood even though he doesn't plan on killing them.
  • Mathias watched on from where he was and everything seemed to be going on normally until all of a sudden all the windows in the tavern shattered as if a strong wind had hit them at the same time.
  • After the windows had all broken the building started shaking as if they were experiencing an earthquake, everyone started screaming and running for safety as objects kept falling, everyone except Damian who just sat where he was gulping down his cold glass cup of beer.
  • And as if they were dramatising the witches entered inside the tavern in a slow motion movements, then they surrounded Damian who was still busy gulping down his beer totally unconcerned about what was happening.
  • “ Eric Damian!! ” the first witch Adrianna's mother called out and Damian stopped drinking and glanced at her.
  • She looked really angry and pained Damian thought but he really didn't care, he doesn't know who the hell she was and why they had him surrounded but one thing he knows is if they come looking for a fight he will surely obliged them.
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