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Chapter 79

  • Watching Clara kissing Adams was one the most heartbreaking moments Mathias has ever experienced, he felt his heart give way making it almost impossible to breathe properly.
  • And the worst part was that as they kissed passionately Adams occasionally gave him a stare as if to say.
  • She Belongs To Me Back Off.
  • Mathias couldn't stand the sight of it, as he was so emotional imbalance at that moment he felt so sad and at the same time a great rage that could burn the whole school down so he left he left to catch a train home and Clara didn't even noticed his absence she was too busy with Adams to notice anything that was happening around her.
  • “ I missed you so much, ” Adams said to her before planting a kiss on her forehead.
  • “ I missed you more, ” Clara said smiling.
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