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Chapter 75

  • Mathias listened carefully to what the witch Señorita Adrianna Sebastián was muttering and he recognized it as a controlling spell....
  • She was controlling someone but it looked like the person she was trying to control or controlling was a very powerful being even more powerful than her as her body system was being to fail...blood was coming out from her eyes, nose, mouth, ears and even from her skin the spell was killing her but still she kept on with the spell....
  • Mathias focus was drawn back to the man who at this time had already gotten to the village but was still battling to break free from the spell on him and it seems he was winning then Mathias realized that he must be the one the witch Señorita Adrianna Sebastián was controlling, he must be really powerful he thought then it struck him this is no ordinary man...this must be the great vampire himself Eric Damian, Clara's dad.
  • Eric Damian was already so close from breaking free from the spell before Lucian along with his alpha and pack members came along.
  • “ There he is. We must attack him before he kills all the people under our protection, ” Lucian said firing his fellow pack members up.
  • “ For the pack!!! ” The alpha screamed then transformed into a huge wolf.
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