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Chapter 72

  • He lay on his bed closing his eyes tight hoping his grandpa would appear to him again and share to him some information that might be useful in helping him end the curse......
  • His eyes remained close for half an hour and in that time gap he managed to keep his mind free from all thought waiting for when his grandpa would appear to him.....but he never did.
  • Mathias opened his eyes then sat down straight on his bed. “ Please grandpa, I need your help, ” he muttered out then he looked at his side where he kept the magic book.
  • He had gone through all its pages and there was nothing helpful in it. Also, he couldn't find the world secrets that his grandfather had told him were contained in the book. Maybe his grandpa was wrong about this.
  • “ Grandpa was wrong? But grandpa has never been wrong before...ever, ” he said out to himself.
  • So he picked up the book again and opened it's pages again and then he remembered what his grandpa told him.
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