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Chapter 63

  • “ What I'm trying to say is that Damian knows where you stay, he knows where he can find you and if he decides he wants to come here I don't think those men standing outside would be able to stop him, so I don't think staying here is the best thing to do surely there is somewhere else you can stay for the meantime until we know if there be any cause of alarm from Damian, ” Adams said.
  • “ You are right, I am just a sitting duck staying here, am not ready for another confrontation with that blood sucker at least not yet, he might not be in a mood for reasoning this time around. There is actually somewhere I can go to for the meantime where he won't be able to find me if he searched for me but it's out of will be coming along with me, ” Lucian said and he was already on the move.
  • “ I know my job as a Mano beta is to be always at your side but I think it's best I remain here, the last time Eric was here I think I sensed he had a soft spot for me maybe I can try to calm him down and convince him you are on his side if he comes here in an angry state, ” Adams said.
  • “ I also sensed it too but I don't think it's wise you talk to him, he is unpredictable just because he had a soft spot for you the other day doesn't necessarily mean he will have a soft spot for you the next time you meet and besides you are too important to me for me to leave your life in his mercy. You have to come along with me, ” Lucian said.
  • “ You once told me Mano means hand and that the hand work is to help the body, so please allow me to help you now, I know I will be more helpful to you here than coming along with you and I know when not to cross the line, ” Adams said.
  • Lucian thought about what he said for a while.... “ Alright you will stay here while I go but I promise you this I won't be gone that long. I always knew I made the right choice making you my Mano beta, I have never met a boy this brave, ” he said tapping him on the shoulder.
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