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Chapter 61

  • “ He is my grandfather appeared to me as Gary so he could give me the book so that I can unlock my magical powers, ” Mathias narrated
  • Clara stared at him for a while without saying anything until. “ Hope you ain't saying this because you don't want to return the book back to its rightful owner which is Gary? Because this is the most lame excuse I have ever had before
  • How on earth did you expect me to believe this, ” she said laughing at the end of her sentence.
  • “ Clara! '' Mathias yelled. “ This isn't a joke, I'm not lying or cracking a joke here yesterday after you dropped me off.... ” he said narrating everything that happened in the electronic shop.
  • “ you seriously ain't joking about this are you? ” Clara asked, trying to understand his bizarre story of what happened.
  • “ No am not and there is more to it ” Mathias said
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