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Chapter 57

  • If Mathias had come to this electronic shop alone and not with Clara the first day he was here he would have doubted his sanity because this is by far the most insanely, crazy thing that has ever happened to him.
  • He was sure he definitely met a man named Gary here because without Gary there won't be the Book neither would Clara's broken Laptop had gotten fixed.
  • But how come his existence is now in question? That's a question Mathias doesn't have an answer to, so he walked to his home a confused boy....
  • Meanwhile,
  • Dr Ellen had resumed back work at Leventies Teaching Hospital and she was given quite a welcoming back reception that she felt glad she did change her mind regarding leaving, she felt really important and loved here.
  • And it was like she used that good energy throughout that day as she carried out a complex surgical operation on twelve patients and all was successful.
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