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Chapter 54

  • “ Who else wants to taste the fury of Greyjoy for the honor of my Alpha!! ” Greyjoy said and volunteers were hard to come by because he had already beaten 4 strong men, injuring them severely. However after some time someone summoned courage and stepped up into the ring, he had quite a huge presence but it was more of fat rather than muscles....
  • “ Who is this guy? ” Adams asked Lara, referring to Greyjoy.
  • “ Greyjoy Stones also known as Skull Crusher. ” Lara briefed him.
  • “ Oh I see, looks pretty tough. ” Adams said.
  • “ Tough? I think that's an understatement, the guy is the definition of the word tough, he is one of the strongest if not the strongest wolf in Lucian's park and he really was hoping that Lucian would choose him as his Mano beta, but Lucian chose you instead. ” Lara narrated.
  • “ No wonder he has been glaring at me like that all day, he should be my guest, I don't want to be Mano beta in the first place. "
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