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Chapter 53

  • As they converse, waiting for the history teacher Mr Collins to enter, to take the Class, Steven and his four friends entered into the classroom, walking directly to where Clara and her friends sat.
  • Steven had this lopsided grin on his face as he approached them.
  • “ Well hello. Sorry for disturbing your little chit chat but I just have something to say. ” He said, adjusting his blue expansive leather jacket.
  • “ what do you want? ” Clara asked in a frown.
  • “ What do I want? That's a very good question, I don't know if you have heard, you probably might have heard but I will still tell you anyways. You see your little hero Adams is no longer attending Great Hill High. ” he said then paused to laugh.Then continued.
  • “ You know what that means right? I will tell you... There is nobody now that will stand in my way of getting the revenge I so crave for. So here is my advice to you. Leave this school with your hero or stay, but always watch your backs because you don't know when I would strike, however be sure that I would strike. ”
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