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Chapter 47

  • “ cursed child? Daughter of the Devil?.... Why will she say all those mean words to me? What have I ever done to her? ” Clara said, looking devastated.
  • “I...I don't know, she is just going crazy, it doesn't mean anything. ” Mathias said, somewhat consolingly.
  • “ B.but her eyes.. they were full of fear and hate when she stared at me, it was as if she really believed what was saying, what she said about me. ” Clara said, looking confused and somewhat scared.
  • “ Her believing what she said doesn't mean it's right. You ain't no curse child, nor a she wolf and most definitely not the daughter of the devil, no freaking daughter of the devil can look this pretty. ”
  • Mathias said, trying to cheer her up and it worked for some seconds as Clara laughed and smiled briefly before the troubled look reappeared.
  • “ I don't know, I just feel__ ” she was cut short by him.
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