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Chapter 40

  • “ Tell me one thing, you keep mentioning the child as a HE, what if HE actually is a SHE? Ain't you even a little curious to know what gender your child is? this is your blood we are talking about here. What if they are actually a set of twins - brothers or sisters even one more better, what if she gave birth to a twin of a boy and girl? Ain't you even going to make any enough? No matter how small it is, just to know them? to see them? ”
  • Vivian said toying with Eric's emotion, in a positive way though. Trying to bring that father feeling inside of him.
  • “ ..... ” Damian tried saying something but the words weren't coming forth.
  • Vivian stood from where she sat and went to meet him.
  • “ It's alright, it's alright to be scared of rejection, that doesn't mean you are weak it only means you have a heart even if you don't want to admit it, you have a heart and as every other heart, it yarns to be loved...The love of a woman as well as the love of a child, ” Vivian said to him placing her hand of his left chest where his beating heart is
  • Damian stared at her and he could see in her eyes she believed him as a good man, and that he is capable of making a great dad.
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