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Chapter 25

  • “ We can leave this place, the four of us, we can go somewhere far, somewhere even Lucian cannot reach and start our lives afresh there,” She said with her eyes shining brightly actually believing the possibility of escaping from Lucian.
  • “ Mum stop, stop it mum. Where can we possibly run to, where Lucian won't be able to find us? Even if such a place exists it means we would always live our lives in fear and hiding, always watching for our backs... We would be living in fear that someday, any day Lucian would discover where we are and we will most definitely be disciplined. Is that the life you want to live? Is that the life you want Karen to be raised up in? ” Adams said.
  • “ B..But at least we would be together, all of us, ”
  • Mrs Bright said but she was already seeing the plan as a failed one.
  • “ No mum, I don't want that life for you, I don't want that life for Karen. Hell No! I don't even want that kind of life for myself, so please let me do this even if it would be the last thing I do for you, it's best this way, let me bear the burden alone, ” Adams said.
  • His mum's tears became more intense but her grip on him was loosen, evident that she was no longer fighting and had accepted the bitter truth, there was nothing she could possibly do...
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