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Chapter 21

  • “...and they didn't fail in their promise, everyday I spent with them was so precious, my grandfather taught me everything I know. He had lots of stories to tell, stories about witches, vampires and werewolves, great stories and I love listening to them, but good things never last long in my life and by the time I was 6 years old my grandfather died and a year later my grandma followed him and once again I was alone in the world with no friends and no family. My father didn't want me, he even blamed me for his parents deaths also, I never knew someone could hate his own flesh and blood in such a way.
  • At the tender age of 7 I had to learn how to survive on my own, I worked on people's farms for slave money and I had to beg in the streets most times, anything to put something in my stomach. I didn't have anywhere to sleep in, I slept anywhere the night caught up on me, many times I was physically abused by perverted men, many Nights I slept on empty stomachs. For 3 years this went on until I was taking in by an orphanage home and a year later they told me a nice family from America wanted to adopt me. For a moment there just for a moment I thought everything was about to change in my life, I thought finally I would be happy again, make new friends and leave a normal life but the nice couple weren't so nice after all at least not all of them. The man always physically abuses me anytime his wife goes on her long trips and I can't say anything to her when she returns back because I know she won't believe me. How would she when he behaves like a saint when she is around, what Steven and everyone else does to me in school is nothing compared to what I face at home but sometimes I just wished I had a normal life just like a normal teenager. I wish people would stop hating me, even if they don't love me, at least they shouldn't hate me.
  • I talk about Vampires, werewolves and witches all the time because it reminds me of my grandfather and that's the only time I am happy, when I remembered them, my grandparents, ” Mathias narrated, Clara and Anna were left speechless by his life story.
  • “ Everyone hates me and avoids me except you, Clara and I really wonder why? ”
  • He directed to Clara who was really touched by his story that tears were forming in her eyes.
  • “ I am so sorry Mathias, nobody should go through what you are passing through. I lost my father when I was little and I could still feel the pain each day but the pain would be unimaginable if I knew my father was alive but he rejected me.
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