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Chapter 20

  • Adams chuckled.
  • “ Come on man, you are overthinking this, I mean I just had to help in both cases even if it happened to be someone else other than her I would have done the same. Imagine those fools wanted to have their way with her and they might even kill her to make sure she doesn't tell on them...I just had to do something, and today also they were beating a weak boy and a girl! come on I had to do something about that, I mean won't you? ” Adams said.
  • “ Man I don't know... I mean there will always be bullies and those being bullied, this is high school it won't change, that's how it has been since the founding of time. So what's the point of trying to help today when they will probably get bullied the next day and the next and the next after that, ”
  • Noah said repeating those last words for emphasis's sake.
  • “ I know how the world works, I don't need you to reminding me of that, there will always be jerks and bullies not only in highschool but every facet of our lives, but that doesn't mean it's OK and we shouldn't do anything to stop it because you can't imagine the trauma they pass through unless you have passed through it yourself, ” Adams said.
  • “ O.Kay, word, so you want to turn to the new saviour of the weak and defenseless or what? ” Noah said chuckling.
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