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Chapter 118

  • Lara, Peterson, Gova, Hendrick and Ella with some of Lucian men all ran down the underground stairs leading to the dungeon when they heard Lucian screaming loudly and cursing angrily.
  • On getting to the dungeon they were left stunned on seeing the empty cell, the prisoner gone and only a huge hole in the middle of the cell.
  • “ Where is the boy? Where is Adams? ” Lara was the first to ask.
  • Lucian was in no mood to answer any stupid questions.
  • “ Why where there no guards watching after him down here! ” He barked at her.
  • “ I didn't think that was necessary. I thought the cell was impossible to escape from...the bars had been fortified with magic it was not possible to escape from it, ” Lara said.
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