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Chapter 105

  • Location: Leventies Teaching Hospital.
  • Dr Ellen had resumed back to her hospital duties and Dr Akeem was assigning her new patients.
  • They walked from one ward to another and finally they got to the last one, and as usual before they entered into a ward Dr Akeem would brief Dr Ellen a little bit about the patient.
  • “ Patient 37 is a male and from his looks he is in the bracket of 15-17 years,” Dr Akeem said.
  • “ Illness? ” Dr Ellen inquired.
  • “ Patient is suffering from a case of high degree amnesia, he remembers nothing at all of his life not even his first name and he his been with us for close to four days now yet no one have made a report of a missing person to the police or come looking for him in the hospital and I'm beginning to doubt anyone will ever come in search of him, but other than that he is a fine young man,” Dr Akeem said.
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