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Chapter 100

  • She was rolling and twisting on the bed and she looked like a person experiencing much pain but still she was still sleeping while screaming in pain....
  • Clara's cry was so loud it woke up Dr Ellen and Jackson in their room who were fast asleep after a romantic and exhausting love making.
  • “ What's that sound? ” Jackson asked, still feeling sleepy.
  • “ Clara, ” Dr Ellen muttered she was also still influenced by the morning sleep.
  • “ Clara! What's wrong with Clara? ” Jackson said, sounding more energetic, he rose up from the bed and proceeded to leave the room with much urgency as he headed straight to Clara's room....
  • “ My God Clara! What's happening to you! ” Jackson exclaimed as he entered her room to meet Clara at the state, screaming, rolling and twisting on the bed and at this time she had started bleeding from her nose.
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