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Chapter 7 Riding the CEO

  • Third person's POV
  • Ashley sat on his lap, he still buried deep inside of her. He had his hands on her fair thighs as he supported her. Her walls slowly stroked him, clenching with each thrust as she went down on him. His eyes closed and Ashley looked at him, it was one of the few times she could openly stare at his hot features. He was every woman's dream, with long lashes that covered his deep green eyes.
  • She continued to ride him and soon, the pleasure sat in her lower tummy. She was close to cumming when his voice stopped her. "Don't cum," he whispered, his eyes still closed.
  • Soon, he opened them as he pushed her back, forcing her lips on his nipples. She sucked as they took turns in thrusting. She had stopped and his hips began to thrust, her walls stroked him softly, as she turned wetter. His ass dripped on the couch every few seconds before they clenched and he thrust back in her.
  • He pushed her up slightly till her boobs sat in his face. He smirked as her nipples hardened and turned darker. He tilted his head slightly as he opened his mouth. A nipple slipped into his mouth and quickly latched on it. He suckled hard, not caring about how harsh he was being. This action only turned Ashley on even more. She was getting wetter by the second that she was dripping on his shaft.
  • "You like that huh?" He asked with a mouth full of perky light-skinned boob. She didn't answer which turned him angry. He bit hard on her nipple causing Ashley to scream. Her walls turned tighter which had both of them moaning. "Respond when I talk to you."
  • She gulped as she blinked away the pain and pleasure that ran through her from his action. "Yes, I like it very much. Please don't stop," she said in a hoarse voice as his thrust turned harder. With each thrust, his balls smacked her inner thigh. It had Ashley gasping for air as she felt so turned on that she had begun to shake.
  • "I already told you. Don't. Cum." He said through gritted teeth. He was having a hard time holding himself back. He was ready to release his load inside of her. She was so sweet, sweeter than his wife. He quickly pushed his thoughts of her to the back of his mind. He was with Ashley and he was going to enjoy the moment.
  • With each thrust, her boob bounced in his mouth. He quickly took latched on tighter, his hand groping it as he suckled hard. She moaned, slightly from the pleasure and pain. She clenched her fist in his hair as she bit down on her lip.
  • "Fuck!"
  • He began to thrust faster, already on edge. His attention focused on his shaft thrusting into her. He let go of her as he came hard. His body shook and his teeth gritted in his mouth. He came in seconds, his eyes rolled back and his hands dropped to his side. He took her off him, and his shaft slipped out of her as he placed her on the floor.
  • "Wash up and leave."
  • Those were his words before he embraced the darkness, falling into a deep slumber. Ashley watched him for a second before she walked over to his bathroom. Her fingers stayed on the knob for a while before she pushed it back and walked in.
  • She took her time to wash up, coming back into the office to find him still passed out on the couch. She rolled her eyes at him and picked up her clothes. She wore them, leaving the front buttons undone. She sauntered out of his doors and down the elevator. Heads turned with her every step.
  • Dramatically, she flipped her hair as she hailed a cab, ready to go hang out with the girls. Nicholas, her boss didn't need her for the rest of the day so she was done.
  • **
  • *
  • "Where's Kaylee?" Ashley asked as she dumped her bag on the couch.
  • Kenna turned around for a split second, barely sparing a glance before responding, "She's out. Her SD is back, she went to spend time with him." She continued her movie.
  • Ashley turned to the big screen. Some teens ran frantically in the dark as they were being chased by some monster. Tears ran down their faces and screams for help left their lips as one got caught, and blood spilled from the headless body. She looked at Kenna who was comfortably munching on her snacks, her eyes not leaving the screen. It had Ashley wondering if she was as meek as she seemed.
  • Ashley joined her on the couch, her fingers dipping in the popcorn in Kenna's lap. "Her sugar daddy? I thought she ended things with him. Wasn't his dick too small?"
  • Kenna shook her head in response and glared at Ashley who again took a handful of popcorn. "That's SD Felix, she ended things months ago. She got herself a new one," she said as she pushed Ashley's popcorn-hungry hands away. She looked in her almost empty popcorn bucket and pouted her cute, plump lips.
  • "She moves fast," Ashley said as she eyed the popcorn bucket. It was sweet but not too sweet. Just the way she liked it.
  • "Anyways, why are you here? Don't you have work today?"
  • She turned to Kenna, her legs up on the couch as her body turned to hers, giving her, her full attention. "Already done with my work. I thought we could go to Elites today. It's been a while since we went clubbing."
  • Kenna paused the screen, liking the news she heard. "It has been a while. I'll call Kaylee and tell her. I do miss us hanging out together." She proceeded to pick up her phone and called Kaylee. The phone rang a few times but she didn't pick up. Her fingers tapped on the screen as she sent a text instead.
  • "She didn't pick up?" Ashley asked as she watched Kenna type away.
  • "Nope."
  • Ashley smirked, "she's getting it." This had Kenna laughing as she knew she was right. Kaylee was always on her phone unless she was having sex.
  • "This is her first time seeing him so they must be doing it," Kenna said as she resumed her movie which Ashley promptly paused again. She turned to her in confusion. "What is it?"
  • "Kaylee told me about Nate." This had Kenna rolling her eyes. She knew the conversations going to come up but she didn't think it would be so soon. "How are you feeling?"
  • "I'm good. Really. Let's just watch the movie." She resumed her film while Ash watched her for a second. Jenna felt her gaze on her but refused to return the stare. Ash knew they were not as close as she and Kaylee but she tried to be supportive whenever she could. But it seemed Kenna always tries to push her away. She gave up and together they watched the movie.