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The House

The House

Jescyka Charm

Last update: 1970-01-01

Chapter 1 Behind closed doors

  • Third-person POV
  • Kaylee locked the door and sauntered toward the bed where the half-naked man lay. Her red stilettos made her presence known in the room as they made contact with the smooth floor.
  • Adam grinned mischievously at the beauty that stood in front of him. His trousers were discarded in a corner a while back before she arrived. She was as beautiful as the cardboard cut-out he was shown when he picked her. No doubt she was the sexiest in the whore house.
  • He sat up in an instant, "Come here, I want to hold you." He beckoned her towards his light-skinned thighs.
  • Kaylee pushed her blond hair behind her ears, already in the character, she was ordered to play. Her hands came down on the black sheet and her knees soon followed as she crawled towards him. "Yes sir," she replied in a low, timid voice. This made Adam's smile broaden, just the type of woman he enjoyed.
  • She pushed a switch on the dark wall behind Adam and the lights dimmed. He eased into the bed as slow music began to play. He could feel the tension of work leaving his body as Kaylee began working her magic. Her hands ran over his broad shoulders, massaging them as they went. Her legs sat on either side of his waist while Adam tried to get a good look at her.
  • The black mask on her face hid most of her features, all he could see were her ocean-blue eyes which were illuminated by the reflection of the moon that peeped into the room through the dark curtains. "Your eyes are beautiful. Can you take off the mask? I'll love to see all of you." He requested, his hand sitting on her black robe that hid the red, lacy lingerie that was bound to drive him crazy.
  • "That's against the company policy, Sir." She said her voice firm, the complete opposite of what it was some seconds ago. Her hands stopped him from trying to untie the straps of the mask.
  • "That's too bad, I bet your face is as beautiful as your body." He commented, hoping to change her mind.
  • "Your hour is almost up, let's get started." Her voice was silk-like, teasing him
  • Slowly, she took off the robe and his eyes widened, she looked better than her cardboard cut-out for sure. His hands trailed every curve of her body. He soon hooked his hand in the garter on her thighs, another request of his.
  • "Lay on your back." He commanded, his eyes not leaving hers as he drank all of her, he couldn't get how beautiful she was.
  • She obeyed, her medium-sized boobs were pushed up in a bra many sizes smaller. Her pink nipples stuck out from a hole in the middle. He didn't know they made bras like this. His eyes roamed further to her waist, and his fingers soon followed the trail. Her tummy was flat, just as he liked them.
  • His hands went farther down her legs, they were hairless. He groaned internally, pleasure already making waves in his brain.
  • Her eyes watched him like a hawk, waiting for him to give the order, she was his for the hour, anything he wanted, she was ready to do as long as it was in her pay. She watched his cinnamon eyes drink all of her. He gave the reaction she had seen a million times. The shock from her beautiful she was, hunger for her.
  • Soon, he snapped out of it as she reminded him that they already lost a half hour. "To begin, ride me." He lay on his back as she went down on him.
  • "Wait!" He rushed out. "Strip but make it quick." He motioned for her to get off the bed which she did.
  • Her hands slowly ran over her boobs, she played with her nipples a bit, and her pinky ran over the pink buds. Her fingers soon ran up her neck in a slow, enticing manner that had Adam biting hard on his lips, his shaft was fully hardened as they sprung to life and twitched proudly as he watched her.
  • She soon unclipped her bra from the front, the action had Adam hitched his breath. Her breasts were beautiful and round. They stood proudly as they watched him, tempting him to take the beautiful buds in his mouth. Her black polished fingers ran down her dress, as she took off the garter. She three the right in his face to which his fingers sprung to life to grab. Watermelon scent filled his nostrils from the garter.
  • She took off the second, kicking it off with precision. She was left in a pair of red panties and just like the bra, it had a hole in the middle, her freshly shaved pussy in his line of sight. She turned around, bending slowly in her heels to give a clear view of her ass.
  • She picked up the garter and bit on it. Dropping them on his dick, she whispered, seduction clear in her voice as she laid her eyes on him. "What else do you need, Sir?" Bending slowly, she took his shaft in her mouth, keeping it halfway. Adam threw his head back, ready to take her there but he need the full service, he paid too much.
  • He didn't say anything but his eyes gave everything away. He was ready for whatever she had planned next. He watched as the vixen with a mouth full of dick smirked, a seductive glint clear in her eyes as she slipped out of the character she was meant to play but only for a second. Instead of getting mad, it only turned him on.
  • Her hands worked magic on his shaft, they moved in motion with his shaft as they continued twitching. Completely aroused, he moved slightly to get a feel of her boob. Indeed, they were as soft as they looked. He watched her go down on him for the second time. He groaned loudly, not giving a care if he was heard.
  • "I'll take care of you, Sir. Please lay back down." She took off her panties and placed them on his face. Adam felt turned on with each passing second that his dick started to hurt.
  • She held his dick softly and slipped it inside of her. Her tight walls adapted to him almost immediately. Adam gasped at how good she felt. He fisted the sheets in his hands as he but had on his lips, not wanting to moan when he hadn't gotten a reaction from her.
  • Her breath hitched in her throat. He was big, the biggest she had taken for the night. She rode slowly, bopping up and down on him. Adam aided her by supporting her weight on him. His hands grabbed her ass as she rode him hard. It wasn't long after he got moans from her.
  • "Fuck! You are sweet," he said in between grunts. Not getting a reply, she looked at her, the mask masked her expression leaving him frustrated. He wanted to know if she was enjoying it too.
  • "Why aren't you saying anything? This is becoming awkward." He voiced his thoughts.
  • "You want a meek girl, soft-spoken. That's what you are getting." Her voice was strained like she was having difficulty breathing and was gasping for air.
  • "Drop the act, I want to hear you scream," he whispered in her ears, his hand pushing her hair from her neck as he placed kisses on it. "Scream my name."
  • She pushed him slightly, his back dropped softly on the bed. "God, you are tight," he groaned out, throwing his hair back.
  • She rode him harder and faster and got groans and moans from him as a reward. Giving in to the pleasures coursing through her veins, she moaned loudly. The sound of flesh hitting flesh filled the entire room and she pleased him.
  • Hot blood rushed through him as he grabbed her boobs, he pushed her back towards him and she gasped as more of him went in her. His eyes closed as he took a pink bud in his mouth. He suckled hard on it, biting and pulling but not harshly, just enough to earn groans of pleasure from her.
  • His attention never left her boobs as he moved over to the next one. They danced with each thrust he gave. She was moaning loudly now, giving into the pleasures. It was his turn to smirk as her walls tightened and loosened with each thrust.
  • It wasn't long before he filled her with his hot seed. He let out one loud gasp and he released her from his hold. He didn't get to thank her when she got off him, his limp dick falling out of her as she sauntered out the door. His head dropped on the bed in disappointment, as he didn't get her name.