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  • "Hey, babe, are you alright? You fell asleep while waiting for me, and just when I came through the door, I saw you were shaking. You were saying words that I couldn't really understand, but it was a good thing you were whispering. I think the owner of the café decided to let you rest while you waited for me since the shop is empty."
  • "Oh, I'm sorry if I fell asleep while waiting, babe. I didn't think I was that sleepy. I didn't even remember closing my eyes other than when I was thinking about some random things."
  • "No, Shyne, babe, I'm the one who should be sorry for taking too long to get here. I never expected to get held up by the teachers about something."
  • Brixton looked guilty, and he kept checking my face as if I was going to burst in tears of anger at any given moment. There was an awkward silence as I tried my best to fix myself after the nightmare that I had.
  • "I'm really sorry for the delay, Shyne, I didn't mean for you to wait and sleep here on your own. The publication is busy these past few days because of the multiple events at the school."
  • Brixton was stuttering, and though I felt horrible after the nightmare, seeing a worried guy like him was amusing for me. He was usually calm and collected no matter how worried he was over something.
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