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  • I froze as cold lips were kissing me from my neck to my collarbone. Hands were also touching me hard and possessively. I could taste blood when lips aggressively kissed mine, and the uncomfortable feeling of fear crept in an instant.
  • I wanted to open my eyes but it felt like I was stuck in the sitting position that I was in. My body felt like it was frozen as lips continued to ravish me all over, and I couldn’t utter a single sound.
  • “Did you enjoy your little perfect day, my love? Watching you be sweet with that insolent man made me both hot and bothered in a bittersweet way.”
  • The voice was Brixton’s, but I knew it with all my heart that the man I was with now was Rian and not Brixton. I was being choked, and I know that I was either in a dream while I was in my bed, or I was hallucinating and zoning out somewhere.
  • “Your body heat tells me that you still remember my touch, my love. I know that you remember everything that we did, Shyne. You can’t deny that no matter who you try to be with, you will always come back to my touch.”
  • My eyes felt like they were glued tight, and my entire body was burning with everything that Rian was doing to me. I felt like crying and yet there were no tears falling from my eyes.
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