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Chapter 15: FAMILY?

  • "I know that you told mom you were going to stay here for a week or so, but I can't believe that you decided to go home in the middle of the school year. Are you seriously telling me that you are risking your studies for relaxation?"
  • My brother Alister was never close with me, and he and Izzy became much closer over the years. I disappeared as the eldest to study in another city a few hours away from home, and I knew he hated my guts for leaving the responsibility to him.
  • "Wow, you haven't seen me and spent time with me for months, and this is the welcome greeting that you give me? Don't you have a softer side for your sister, Alister?"
  • I saw my brother compose himself, and the well-trained Alister De Leon was now present before me. He was definitely more mature than me, and I would never get shocked if they suddenly announced that he was now the new heir and not me.
  • "Well, big sister, I am aware that you were never the most responsible one, but I did assume for a while that you would take college seriously enough to actually not mess it up."
  • "Don't worry, little brother, I may be the black sheep of the family, but I still aim to be a success. Whether people believe that I can be or not, it no longer matters to me."
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