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  • "Hey sweetheart, did you miss me, my love?"
  • I screamed, but my voice was stuck in my throat, and I felt a chill run up my spine as Rian walked closer to me. This time, I clearly saw the damage that the rope did to his neck. The flesh was bleeding, and it turned both purple and red.
  • This time, I heard footsteps running in my direction, and I felt relieved when I realized that those footsteps were probably Perry and Kath's. They must have felt that something was wrong or that they heard Rian's voice.
  • "Now that you have her, Rian, make sure she doesn't get away from you this time. It will be a pity if you have to sacrifice more for her to be yours."
  • The voice was demonic as if it was multiple men with hoarse voices speaking all at once. I couldn't force myself to turn around and look at the two people standing behind me.
  • "I won't lose her again, my friend. I believe that Shyne has already had enough of the chasing that we were doing. Right now, you need to leave us alone, so I can fulfill my desire of being with the love of my life."
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