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  • Today I woke up excited because the scouts are at my school to see me play, but I'm also scared my dreams will get taken away from me again. Mom and Dad, I'm scared that someone would hurt me again.
  • Aw, sweetie, nobody will hurt you again. You're safe now we have you protected on the field and in school baby girl. Bro, please don't let them hurt me? Hope points to whom she's talking about, and we all get tense.
  • Sis, I got eyes on them nobody would touch you again. I love you, sis, I love you too bro. Now kick some ass and win the scouts over again. Good luck baby girl. When I got to the field I saw a big sign that said welcome back, and we love you hope.
  • My best friend ran to me and asked are you ready? Yeah, let's kick some ass and show the scouts we rock. The crowd was roaring my name and I made my goal.
  • Now I have to finish the game but when I made my way to kick the ball this girl got right and my ankle snapped but my team won, but my dreams once again got taken, but I hope I made it to pro soccer.
  • Baby, she's hurt, but she made the shot, let's just hope the scouts will pick her. Mom, Dad, I'll be right back. I have some people to take care of.
  • Son, just Make them pay for what they did. I will, Dad and I will make sure they won't come back. Hello Hope, "Hi Mr and Ms hazy. You played well my dear I hope your ankles will be healed soon because I will be honored to have you play for us. Welcome to the pro soccer team.
  • Thank you so much. Mom and Dad, I made it to the pro soccer team. Congratulations baby girl. When we get home we will celebrate. Where's Sean at? He will be back, he went to that girl that hurt you and her family. Okay Mom I want you to meet someone, okay sweetie.
  • My name is Tina. Hi sweetie I'm Heather Hope's mother and this is Jamie Hope's father. Nice to meet you both.You have a wonderful daughter. We are so proud of her. That would be thanks to her best friend’s over there.
  • They worked days and nights to be ready even after Hope's accident. What happened? "Hope couldn't walk for a couple of months. A boy got jealous of Hope for being the best soccer player and shot her in the legs, so she couldn't play again, but his plan didn't work on our girl.
  • Hello everyone and congrats bestie you made it to the pro soccer team. Thank you everyone for supporting me and helping me get back on my feet. I couldn't have done it on my own.
  • Today we are celebrating our baby girl for doing what she dreams about becoming a pro soccer player.
  • We are so excited and happy for you. Hope you came a long way with your best friends practicing together. Today is Hope day, enjoy your evening everyone. I was so happy today was the best day of my life.
  • I made it to become a professional soccer player and I already have fans that I love and stuck by my side through the worst. If it wasn't for them I would have given up on my dream.
  • Danielle, you and your friends are coming to my house we're having a party for our big victory. Awesome. I was with everyone and my brother said congratulations and keep up the good work.
  • Tell them thank you I see y'all later love you later love you too girl. I went home and got ready for the party. Mom dad did you see me make my last goal. We saw that was an awesome baby girl. What's the matter ? Sweetie I got called in to work tonight.
  • I'm so sorry Hope I know this means alot to you and I will make it up for you. We will have our own party just us on the beach with ice cream. Sweet I like that dad just doesn't keep leaving up like this.I will try not to babygirl.
  • Sean keeps up the good work and I make sure the shipments come through for you.thanks dad the kids really need that to come through. I know Sean, just be careful and make sure the baby girl is safe.
  • Of course I will dad, what kind of brother would I be if I didn't watch out for my twin? Lol bro you're too funny for your own good. Tell Jon I said hey. I hope he might be at the party with his man tonight. Oh yeah I can't wait to meet him here.
  • Give me my hug I love you I see you later. Okay I love you too don't work too hard bro you know you're getting old. Lol yeah yeah laugh it up chuckles. Later.
  • Mom, can we go to the mall today so we can buy the stuff for the party? Yes, let me get dressed. Okay I am waiting on the porch. I went outside and sat on the porch which felt like a long time.
  • Mom come on, I'm coming already let's go. About time we get there the stuff I want will be gone. I'm sorry for being such a girl. I will meet up with you in a minute. Okay hurry up, we have to be home in an hour. Okay I won't take long.
  • I went to meet up with my friends real quick because I forgot to ask them what they wanted to drink at the party because I wanted to get drunk and party hard like I never did before.
  • I want to have fun for once and not worry about being attacked by chase because it's not like my life, ain't hard enough. I walked to my friends and said hi. Hey everyone I just came to ask what kind of drinks you all want because I want to get drunk.