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  • Today I am going to see my kids and try to get Heather back in my life.I missed her so much. I blame my job. After all, I had to go undercover that changed my life because I didn't know my kids. I hope they give me a chance to explain the true reason why I left like I did.
  • When I heard Lisa said Heather was pregnant, I thought she moved on, but I was so wrong. When I heard Chase say he beat a girl nearly to death at school I hoped and prayed that it wasn't one of my kids, but it was,and she was beaten so badly I did not recognize her at all. Then I saw my niece Danielle.
  • I asked her why she was here. Hey Danielle, are you okay? What are you doing here? My friend was saving a girl that was getting bullied because she was special. My friend didn't like it, so she went to help her, and Chase beat my friend nearly to death.What's your friend's name? Hope Anderson.When I heard my last name there was only one person that I left behind, Heather Anderson. She had kids and they were my kids.
  • I am so sorry Heather. I went outside for some air because I can't believe she kept my last name all these years. I hate that I lost so much because of my job because nobody else wanted the mission. I lost the love of my life because of my job. I can't say no I lost so much time, but I will make things right. I will have my family back.
  • Hey Jake, your son almost killed my daughter. What did he do? Wait, you have kids? Yes, they are twins, a boy, and a girl. By whom? Heather Anderson, she tried to tell me, but I was never around. everytime I called her friend, May would answer and tell me to go to hell. My daughter can't walk because of your son.
  • She said he keeps calling her and threatening her. I'm so sorry about him for some reason he became a major dick to females. I don't know what to do with him anymore. I'm heading out to meet my kids and try to make things right with Heather. Okay tell Heather I said hi, and I am so sorry.
  • I will just call you while I am there. That would be awesome, it has been forever since we all talked. I know it would be good to see her and talk to her. I got into my car and stopped to get flowers for Heather and Hope, and I got Sean some beer since I do not know what he may like.
  • I made my way to Heather's, and I am nervous as hell because I have not seen her since yesterday, and then I found out I am a father of twins. It's a lot to take in, but I will make things right and explain why I left. To be honest, my job was dangerous, and I didn't want anything to happen to Heather.
  • I left it hurt more than anything because Heather was my everything. I made it to Heather's place. I was nervous if the kids let me in their lives. I guess after I explain why I left like I did, maybe my honesty helps me some. I didn't want to leave, but I had to due to my job, and it was not easy on me not knowing I had a family.
  • My life is about to change for the better and right now my job doesn't need me to work. They want me to lie low right now because they don't want nobody to find out I was undercover. I took this time to get to know my family and work on what is more importa
  • I walked up to the door and knocked. I heard footsteps and the door opened. Hi, my name is Jamie Anderson. Is Heather Anderson here?Yes, she is here. Come in and have a seat.I let her know you are here. Okay, no rush. The boy came back but not alone.
  • He was not alone. He had a girl in his arms that needed help with her wheelchair. That must be Hope, it broke my heart that she had to suffer because Chase had to beat another girl up and hope saved her and took her spot and nearly died. Hope wheeled herself to me and said hi my name is hope.Hi, hope my name is Jamie Anderson."
  • I heard a sweet angel voice say, Jamie,Heather, Wow it has been forever, how are you doing? I am doing well. I see you met your twins.Yes, you did a great job with them. Thank you.I wish you were there to help me raise them instead of me doing it on my own.
  • I know and that is what I want to tell why I left like I did. Jamie, I want to know why, so I can understand that it was not me.I will heather.I hope we can get to know each other and start over but this time I am not leaving.I would love that too. The reason I left it was not because of your heather.
  • I was an undercover cop and my boss told me I had to leave my loved ones behind for a couple of years. I didn't want to leave you like that, but I didn't want you wasting your time waiting for me to come back. When I came back I went to your mom and dad to see if you were still living there, but they said you moved to Neptune, New Jersey.
  • Then I heard about the fight that almost killed hope from my cousin’s daughter Danielle Parker because she was at the hospital I was at.I went to check if she was okay because I was there with my partner, and he got shot on site. That is when I found out about you and the kids.
  • Are you the guy that talked on the phone? Yes, I told you I would take care of the chase. Mother, is Jamie our dad? Yes sweetie Jamie is yours and Sean’s dad. Jamie, how long have you been in town? Well, I live here with my two best friends.
  • You mean Jake and chance yeah and no not the boy that hurt our daughter that will be Jake's son he has been doing everything he can to get that boy’s help.By the way, Jake and Chance want to talk to you while I am here if that is okay? Sure, after all, it has been forever since we all talked.
  • That is true it would be nice to get the group back together. Yeah, that would be nice living down the street from me. How is she doing? I know she kept telling me to go to hell every time I called looking for you. Lol, that damn may I love her. She is doing well. She got married to the CEO at the hospital I work at. Nice, I am happy for her.
  • Why didn't you move on from me? Because I knew you would come back to me. Thank you for not moving on and waiting on me. Let us call these nutcases okay. The phone rings. Hello assholes, look who we got here? Heather, is that you the popular nerd from high school? Jake and chance have been a long time.Yes, it has, I heard you had twins.
  • Yes, I did. Would you like to meet them? Yes, please. Hi, my name hope. Hi sweetheart my name is Jake. I am sorry for what my son did to you.He took my legs from me.I cannot walk but the Dr said one day I might walk again. it would be good, I heard you play soccer.
  • Yes, I used to but my chances to go pro went out the window. Wait, you would have been a pro player if my son didn't take your legs? Yes, it was my dream and was about to come true, but now it’s gone it broke my heart and made me feel like I did all that work for nothing.
  • Me and my best friends put in work all night for me to get scouted, but I won't be on the field thanks to your son. I am so sorry he did this to you after all that work you and your friends did to get you ready for the scouts. It is okay. I must be strong and move on to the next dream to come true. You are so strong and positive.
  • I must be, or I will not be around anymore. What do you mean sweetheart? Suicide became my new best friend but so far, I am still here. I must think about my mom and my brother Sean. Well, it is nice meeting you Jake and I must go rest now. Okay, it is nice meeting you
  • sweetheart.Hello, my name is Sean. What's up man you taking care of hope? Yes, she is my twin and I will never leave her side again. I'm sorry to hear what happened to her.
  • I wish I could take her pain. We all do, but now she is lost and only the kids I work with keep her fighting. They are her hope like she was theirs. Anyways your son will pay for what he did to my sister. I understand that I can't help him anymore. Do I have your permission to do whatever I like to your son? I will not kill.
  • I'm just going to show him a lesson about what it feels like to be my sister that might not walk again.Yes, you do, and maybe he learns to be nice to females.Yeah because my sister did not deserve this at all. Well, it was nice to meet you both. Hopefully we all can hang out one day.
  • That would be awesome for us to get together like old-time heather.That would be fun, let me run it by May.I'm quite sure she misses you both too.Okay just let us know when you are off work, and we all hang out at a park or something.
  • Okay but what about Hope we can't leave her behind? I will never leave her. That is why I said a park or something, so we can help her walk again, that is a good idea. Maybe being around family just might be the push she needs, what do you think Jamie? Let us give it a try. Let us start with her friends and then family.
  • Okay let us try it, but I will let you know when Sean is off all this week and next week since he is his boss. Okay, girlie see you later, okay Jake, and chance later. Well, heather, I would love to be a part of your life and the kids too. I want you back home dad.
  • When will you be home again? It's up to your mom if she wants me in your lives again. What do you say heather? Can I come to my long-lost family and never leave again? Welcome home baby, I missed you so much. Please never leave us again.I promise love to you all.You all are stuck with me for life.I like the sound of that. Then we all went to bed.