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Chapter 2 HELP ME

  • Hi my name is Jen I'm new to the school. I'm known to get bullied a lot because I'm different. I have low self-esteem and a short leg and arm. People think it's funny because I look like a freak of nature, But today I hope it will be a good day and I can make some friends.
  • My first class is almost over. I can't wait because people keep staring at me and whispering about me and I don't like it. Finally, the bell rings for my next class which I love. While walking to my class I saw a beautiful girl that had a soccer uniform on.
  • I love soccer, it's my favorite sport. I made it to class and once again stared at and whispered about. Why can't this day be over with? I keep drawing and finally the bell rings at lunch time. I head to my locker to get my lunch.
  • Everything was fine until these boys started attacking a girl that was screaming for help and nobody helped her. I ran to help the girl and told her to get help and to get checked.
  • She said thank you for saving her so many times.I walked up to them and said pick on somebody your own size.They looked at me Like fresh meat.
  • I knew what was coming next. Someone punched me and someone else pulled my hair and I screamed for help and everyone kept walking but one person was the girl I saw earlier today in the soccer uniform. I screamed again for help.
  • The girl came running to help me. HEY LEAVE HER ALONE ASSHOLES!!! What are you going to do about it bitch? I kick your ass. Didn't your mother teach you not to hit females?
  • Are you okay honey? Y yes thank you for saving me. My name is Hope and this is my best friend Danielle. Let's get you to the nurse and I come back to get your stuff okay? Okay.
  • We made it to the nurse station and Hope told her what happened. OMG what happened to you? I was being bullied by a group of boys when I was getting my lunch from my locker.
  • I'm so sorry sweetie I cleaned you up in a jiffy. She was so nice to me. Then Hope came to me and said I'm a head to get your stuff.I'll bring it to you after my class, okay? Okay. Then she left. Hey bitch where's that freak of nature ? Leave her alone to chase.
  • She's new and didn't do anything to you. How about I mess with you then? Back up, don't you touch me. What are you going to do about it? I scream, go ahead make it better scream my name.
  • NO NO NO LET ME GO!!!"yeah baby just like mmm you feeling so good. LET ME GO!! HELP ME PLEASE DON'T DO THIS TO ME LET ME GO!!! Mmm Yes fight me baby make me want more.
  • After he was done raping me he beat me nearly to my death. Hey, have you seen Hope? No, she was supposed to come back with my stuff after her class. Okay. Hey shay have you seen Hope?Last I saw her go to the bathroom. Okay thanks.
  • I walked to check the bathroom when I turned the corner I screamed Hope was on the ground and blood everywhere. I ran out of the bathroom and saw my friends. They saw me covered in Hope's blood. Danielle what the hell happened to you? Not my blood.
  • I was trying to stop the bleeding. Hope is hurt badly. I need help to stop the bleeding. Jen goes to call for help and tells them we are in the girls bathroom. Okay I'm back. On their way I stand outside and wait for them. Okay. I called Hope's brother and let him know we were on our way to the hospital with Hope.
  • Danielle: Hello, is this Hope's brother?Sean: yes what's going on Danielle: Hope is on the way to the hospital she was hurt badly and raped I'm so sorry Sean: I'm on my way thank you for calling me Danielle.
  • When I got there I saw Danielle crying and covered in Hope's blood. Danielle yes hello come with me I take you to the floor she's on. What happened? Someone named Chase was bullying a girl named Jen.
  • She's new at our school and Hope heard her screaming for help so Hope saved her. We took her to the nurse station and Hope told Jen she was going to get her stuff and bring it to her when her class was over.
  • I went looking for Hope because we always eat lunch together but I didn't see her so I got worried.I asked Jen if she had seen Hope she said no and I saw my friend shay I asked her if she saw and she said the bathroom.
  • When I entered the bathroom I saw nothing but blood everywhere and Hope on the ground barely breathing. Can you take me to this chase person? "Yes" when we left he was in the same spot where he hurt Hope and he was laughing.Okay let's go. Mom, I will be back.
  • Where are you going Sean ? Beat a bitch just like he did my sister.We made it to the school and come to find out l knew who Chase was.You mutherfuck you hurt my sister. Yeah I did and I will do it again.Not if I kill you first asshole. I shoot him in the arm and his hand.
  • That's just a warning to stay away from my sister because next time it will be a bullet in your head. Then we left and went back to the hospital with my mom.
  • Mom, what did they say? She was badly raped and beaten. She can't breathe by herself. She needs help to breathe. Her legs are broken and she might not be able to walk. That asshole will pay for this and I will take his dreams from him just like he did to Hope.