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  • Today I woke up early to surprise Rex and julie. I made breakfast and coffee. I went to Julie's room to wake her and get her ready for the day, baby girl breakfast is ready. Okay momma. Then I went to wake up Rex but he was in the shower. When he walked out the bathroom, my goodness that man is sex walking on legs right now.
  • Do you see something you like, baby? Yes and it's walk on legs daddy bear. Mmm my naughty girl. Lol oh behave baby breakfast ready and coffee. We will continue tonight. I can't wait, baby. Today I have a surprise for both of you. Baby you spoil us too much. I can do that love. Baby let me spoil you for once please? Okay this is the last surprise from me for right now until it's my turn again.
  • I can handle that baby. Now finish up so we can go.We finished our breakfast and I washed the dishes then got ready to go. Everyone ready to go? Yes they say in excitement. Okay let's go then. We headed out to the car and buckled up.
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