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Danielle Martin

Update: 2022-05-09


  • My name is Hope Anderson, today is my first day of college. Today I hope the day goes well, and I make friends. I am happy to learn how to do what I love and that is helping others. I went to my dorm room and found out I have a roommate. Her name is Danielle Parker.
  • She seems nice, but I do not want to talk too soon. Some people switch to being bitchy, and I do not know if she is like that.
  • Hi, my name is Hope Anderson. What is your name? Hi, my name is Danielle Parker. It is nice to meet you, Hope. Nice to meet you too Danielle.
  • Hey, do you need help unpacking? Yes, thank you for helping me unpack. Would you like to come with me to meet the others? Um sure I am scared they might not like me.
  • Hope they would love you just be yourself okay? Okay, what are their names? I will let them tell you.
  • Hello, my love. Hi Danielle, who is that you got with you? Everyone, this is my new favorite best friend Hope Anderson. Hope these lovely folks are my friends and those 2 over there are my twin brothers.
  • Hi, I am David, and this is my sister Amy. Nice to meet you. Hi, my name is Chris, and this is my girlfriend Shay. Nice to meet you. Hi, my name is Bryan, and this is my twin brother Brent. We are Danielle's twin Brothers. Nice to meet you all.
  • Thank you for having me.As you know my name is Hope Anderson, I have a twin brother named Sean Anderson. When can we meet him? He doesn't go to this school, but he will be coming to visit this summer. Awesome, can we meet him then? I must ask him.
  • I am quite sure he would love to meet you all. My phone started ringing. I looked to see who was calling it Sean Hey Sean, how are you doing today? Hey, my beautiful sister, I am good. I can't wait to see you this weekend. Me too, I have some friends that want to meet you. Is that so? Are they nice to you, Hope? Yes, they are being nice, you will see when you come bro. How is the class going? Good.
  • I got to work with kids that have special needs.They were so cute.That is awesome, Hope, I am so proud of you.How's mom doing? Mom is doing okay.She is just working so hard that I think she needs a break from work.I know Sean, hopefully the hospital lets her have a good long vacation time.
  • Yeah, she deserves it more than anything."I can't wait to see you bro. Give mom a hug and kiss, for me. I will see you soon sis. After I got off the phone with my brother I went to get into the shower and then get ready to leave for class.Hey Danielle, hey Hope, how are you doing today? I am good, what class do you have?I have math and history.Same here but first let us go eat.
  • I need my caffeine and food. me too.We went to the café down the street, and we saw Bryan and Brent. Hey Brent, hi Bryan. Hey girls, what are you up to today? Nothing more class than work at the daycare. Nice.Hope your brother is still coming this weekend, right? Yes, why? Well, the guys want to get together and hang out with him and get to know him. I let him know.
  • Okay, have a good day girl. you too. Danielle and I sat down and ate our food and drank our coffees and paid the bill. Now on to class. When we got to class there were two guys, they were good-looking, but they were mean. Danielle told me to keep walking, but there was a girl, and she was special.
  • I went to help her out. Hey, leave her alone.Why don't you mind your business? She is my business now, leave her alone. What are you going to do about it if I don't? I will kick your ass. Hmm, I doubt that sweetie.I am not your sweetie so don't call me that. Leave her alone and we will leave. What if I do not.
  • Then he cornered me with his friends.They beat me black and blue and the girl ran for help. This was where my life changed. I laid in my own blood barely couldn't move. I heard voices Hope to stay with me.I am sorry for everything.I called Hope's brother. Hello Sean Anderson.This is Hope's friend Danielle.
  • I am sorry to tell you this, but your sister got brutally beaten by guys at school today. She is on her way to the hospital. Thank you for letting me know.Me and our mom will be there asap. Okay bye.Mom we must go, Hope is in the hospital.
  • What happened? Hope was helping a special needs girl and got jumped by the guy's that she saved the girl from.The girl ran for help.Hope's friend Danielle just called me on the way to the hospital as we spoke. Mom, she is going to be okay. She will pull through this, and she will come home and do online classes to finish college.
  • She is not going to be the same girl anymore.This will change her life, not in a good way. My baby girl's shine has been broken.I will go to her school and kick the guy's ass that did this to my sister. She did not deserve this at all. We made it to the hospital mom, and I was greeted by a girl.Hi, I am Danielle, please follow me.
  • They just pulled in with hope. I am so sorry I tried to help her the best I could do.Thank you, Danielle.Hey Danielle, can you please take me to the guys that did this? Yeah, follow me there at the same spot they beat her at. Hey, fuckers, which one of you nearly killed my sister. I did, and I will do it again when I see her.
  • You will never put your fucking hands on my sister again. Who is going to stop me? Do you know who I am? No, and I don't care. You will because you just fucked with the wrong family. Oh, yeah what are you going to do about it? Sleep with one eye open because I am coming for you.You better pray my sister pulls through because if she doesn't say goodbye to your family.
  • I walked away and headed back to the hospital to check up on Hope. Mom, how is she doing? She is touching and goes.The doctor said she would be able to make a recovery.Thank you, Danielle. You are an incredibly good friend to my sister.You're welcome hope is like a sister I never had. I hope she pulls through.
  • Hope is strong and she will make it. That she is. I gave her a small smile and walked up to Hope. Hope hey sis please come back to me.I need my twin sister. You must fight and fight hard. Mom is here and she is worried sick about you. Your friends are here and we all need you, Hope.
  • Today I went to see Hope hoping she would be awake, but the doctor said she has not woken up yet. I know Hope is not going to be happy with me because I took her out of college and made her do an online class to finish college. I cannot lose my twin sister like this again. Later today mom came to check on Hope.
  • How is she doing? They said she is healing well, but they do not know why she is not awake yet. Mom nods Hope sweetie you have to wake for Mom I miss you and worried sick about you, I cannot lose my baby. Mom turned away and started crying. Sean calls me when she wakes up. I cannot handle seeing her like this.
  • I will, mom, she will be okay. Mom just has hope she comes back to us.Mom nods and walks away. I sat in the chair next to Hope’s bed. I held her hand and I prayed that she would come back to us. I must have fallen asleep because I was woken up to my sister talking to her friends.
  • Hi, sleepyhead. OMG, sis you're awake I missed you so much.I'm going to call mom to let her know you are awake. Okay, Sean, I am fine. I know you took me out of college and got me into online classes to finish college. I'm not mad. “I'm glad you did it.
  • I just want to do what was right by you sis I cannot lose my twin sister now, can I? Nope, we cannot have that.I cannot wait to go home and work with you and the kids. Me too,“The kids have been asking for you, They made you get well soon cards for you too. Aww, tell them I am doing good. I will be home soon.
  • Hope they will be happy to see you again. Me too, they are my hope and light. Hope fell asleep. I sit here and wait for mom to come to see Hope. She is worried about mom. When I said that mom came to the door. Hope baby you are awake God thank you for bringing my baby girl back.Hey baby girl, how are you feeling? I'm okay mom you can't get rid of me that fast lol.
  • Aww, mom, I'm okay, I am alive. I can't wait to get home in my own bed. Hope went back to sleep, and I went home to rest myself. I got into the shower and then went to bed. Today was a long day, but I am happy my sister is going to be okay. I drifted off to sleep.
  • Today I got to go home and the rest of course my brother and mom took me out of college but at least I can take online classes. I'm happy about that because I know if I go back, he will kill me. Today I did my first day of therapy. It went well but I am still in pain. I am scared to go in public because I think he is following me.
  • My depression has gotten worse the last couple of days. All I can think about is me dying, but I must be strong and beat this battle. It isn't easy, but I always think about the kids that I work with.They are like my hope and I am theirs. I owe them that much.
  • My phone started ringing. I looked at my phone. I do not know the number, so I let it ring until Sean and mom got home. Hope I'm home! I'm in the computer room. I heard Sean coming, hey bro I missed you.Hey kiddo, how was your day? It was good until a weird number called me. I just let it ring through.
  • Hope how long you have been getting weird calls? Since that day I almost died. Hope why didn't you tell me or mom? I did not want to worry you both. Sis, we need to talk. Did mom ever tell you about dad? No, why? Sweetheart, I think dad had something to do with this, and I don't think he knows we are his kids.
  • But why would he want to hurt us? I think mom owes him money and not realizing who we are. Hope the next time someone calls you with a number you do not know, answer it okay? Okay, how was work? It was good Jasper was asking about you.Awe tell Jasper I said hi. I will lol.
  • The kids love you and keep fighting for them.
  • Everything will be okay sis.Sean and hope I am home! We are in the computer room Mom. We heard Mom, and we asked her if she owed anyone money. Mom Hope has been getting weird calls. I think it's dad, But I do not think he knows we are his kids.
  • I think it is time for you two to know the truth. What do you mean? When I was pregnant with both of you, Your dad is already gone, I did not get to tell him. Why didn't you tell him at all that is why I almost died? No, we do not know who did this.Well, I will call this number back and see who it was.
  • Sis let us call together okay bro. The phone rang and someone answered it sounded like a guy's voice then heard the same voice of the guy that almost killed me. Hello, who is this? Hello someone from this number keeps calling me.I heard the guy that almost killed me.
  • “ He said, '' Hope, how is your life now? Leave me alone you monster you almost killed me. Wait, what is your name? Hope Anderson.
  • Are you in any way related to Heather Anderson? Yes, I am her daughter and I have a twin brother named Sean Anderson.
  • Oh my God, you're telling me you are my kids? Yes, we were trying to find out who this number belongs to.It's my number; my name is Jamie Anderson.I used to be married to your mom. We would love to see you and get to know you, But please leave that monster he ruined my life.
  • What did he do to you? He almost killed me.I can't walk.I go to therapy every day because of him I have chronic depression and all I can think of is killing myself. I will deal with him. I'm so sorry you have to go through this because of him.My mom and Sean want to talk to you.
  • Okay, hello my name is Sean Anderson I am Hope's twin brother. Hello Sean, I am Jamie Anderson. I am so sorry I didn't know I had kids. Why didn't you call mom? I tried but she would not answer and if she did not answer her friend may do and tell me to go to hell.
  • I heard your mother had kids, but I never knew they were mine.
  • We would love to get to know you, But please do not bring the monster that ruined my sister to save another person's life. Wait, what do you mean by saving another person's life? Ask the monster.
  • Chase, what did you do to my daughter? She was in my way, And she was going to class.I was beating a girl that was in special need and Hope came to help her so instead of finishing the girl I was beating up Hope nearly to death.
  • You are an asshole. That was my daughter you put my through hell now she cannot walk because of you.So not my problem, yes, it is, and I will show you how it feels to not be able to walk. You can't touch me because I will tell my dad and I will tell him what you did.
  • Go ahead, he is not going to believe you anyway.We will see about that.Sean, I will take care of chase.
  • Thanks well here, my mom.Hello Jamie, how are you doing? Hi heather, I am good you?I am good just been working hard taking care of Hope and Sean helps too.
  • Why didn't you tell me about the kids? I was going to but when I found out you left, I was too late, so I took care of them and I told them about you. I didn't want to be a bother to you, So, I kept quiet until what happened to Hope. Then hope was getting calls from this number.
  • I'm so sorry about what happened to Hope I will tell his father. Who is the chase father? Jake is his father. Wow, I never saw that coming. Yeah, you and me both. Heather, I want to be in their life.That isn't up to me, they are only 20 years old now they are grown.
  • I know they look just like you. We'll come by sometime tomorrow and get to know them.I must go.Hope needs help getting into the shower. Okay, I see you tomorrow Heather.Good night Jamie good night Heather.